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xQc Regrets Doing Today’s Wordle…

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  1. For a second I thought it would actually be… you know…
    Man, even Wordle is making fun of him. Very Sadge.

  2. The sisters of fate twist his nipples yet again.

  3. 0:25 someone already knew this was gonna get clipped 😂 says @xqc clips

  4. he finished it after, editor wheres the clip DansGame

  5. He is so weak minded…. Man cant even hear her name without getting flashbacks…. plenty of people in this world have/had it worse and don't act like this…

  6. Haven't watched the video yet predicting that he says "This chat dude"

  7. I figured it out! Today's Wordle answer was : WHALE

  8. LMAO what are the odds? No wonder why he gambles. 😅

  9. I got timed out for 5 minutes for suggesting him to do this and he still did it. Those mods sure miss nothing

  10. Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

    Did nothing of the above

  11. adebt really be doing some witchcraft bs for this to happen aintnoway 💀

  12. it wasnt even Adept though, there was no "E"

  13. The whale's still chasing him! Can never leave him alone!!

  14. that "gha-ha-ha-gha-ha" was the most cursed think i heard.

  15. People trying to get over there Toxic Ex.

    The Universe :

  16. A debt that he tried to pay off and still is after him

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