xQc reacts to Solving Wordle using information theory - wordle.plus

xQc reacts to Solving Wordle using information theory

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  1. It would be nice if he listened to the explanation before bad nouthing and criticizing one of the nicest and most helpful guys on YT

  2. this guy is so stupid lol he thinks that this one guy playing with a program to solve a puzzle for the sake of an interesting informative video is "ruining the whole game"it's like saying "oh google is ruining wordle because you can just search up the answer"if you don't want to spoil the game then just don't cheat using stuff like google or a bot, it's as simple as that, and somehow this guy is getting super pissed off about it, I'm surprised people still like him hes nothing but useless

  3. I still dont understand how to play wordle

  4. XQC having another dogshit take isn’t surprising. It’s fun to see probability of how many words come up from a certain letter. He’s just mad he eats toenails

  5. Damn why is he so bothered about some guy having fun that's kinda weird my champ

  6. Fvcking nerds should just all go ahead and commit suicide

  7. 3 blue 1 brown is way too 5Head for xQc to watch lmao

  8. Except where all the games he plays rely on math

  9. Using a popular puzzle to showcase some interesting math is totally okay. It’s not like it’s ruining the game for everyone. This guy is very stupid.

  10. What gets me is how pressed he is about all of this like it was made for him lmao

  11. Dude you got butthurt because someone enjoys something you don't? Are you like 5? LMAO

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