xQc Proves He Is Smart, Creative and Funny by Playing WORDLE - wordle.plus

xQc Proves He Is Smart, Creative and Funny by Playing WORDLE

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  1. Lmao I remember when I did this word in 2nd try lol

  2. I played wordle for the first time today and i used coincidentally also used earth before saw this 🤯

  3. can anyone tell me the goal of this game? Like to just think of words to fill the boxes with or? :/

  4. "instead we'll watch a dog getting groomed"

  5. ⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜

  6. why is the audio quality so bad its like hes in a cave

  7. Man is really just a hive mind saying what most people would assume

  8. Do people really never think to use a random word in order to get more information

  9. Do people really never think to use a random word in order to get more information

  10. Got word CYNIC in 3, started with CHAIR, C and I correct.
    Tried COLIN next, n in wrong place. No word can begin with CN so it had to be C, followed by vowel, followed by n and then I. First word i came up with was CYNIC

  11. I can’t even make jokes. This is literally me when I do the daily wordle

  12. That title is impossible, don't lie to us.

  13. I can't BELIEVE how smart, creative, and funny mr. lengyel is !!!

  14. Hey Felix, even though you forgot, there's no need to thank me for coming out, this video was INSANE! I stayed until the end and there was a little surprise at the end and I really enjoyed it. I have subscribed, SMASHED that like button, followed and left a comment to see how it goes and I made sure to hit the bell on the way out.

  15. "because I don't owe you an explanation f**k you!" I may have to add that phrase to my life

  16. If he starts doing these daily u should upload all of them

  17. wtf are the odds that i just came to this video from watching 3blue 1 browns video on wordle. ive been watching xqc for 2 years and 3blue 1 brown for 1 year too, thats pretty cool 🙂

  18. Bro honestly, these fucking nerds who try to game the system and go “algorithm this” and “law of conversation” that ruin everything they TOUCH.
    Like, I remember seeing a guy play among us and he went, “guy is obviously faking it because he was standing in front of the keycard swiper for 3.1 seconds while the average human being can do it for 3.0 seconds”
    Like shut your bitch ass UP no one ASKED

  19. Can hack in gta5 but barley knows how to spell . Lmao

  20. I play wordle on hard mode, so that tactic that the video showed cant apply to me

  21. What are the odds of him watching that wordle video that I did too? Woah.

  22. Kinda reminds me of playing fallout 4's terminal hacking.

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