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Wordle with a side of AIOLI

Scott Stro-solves
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Solving #Wordle #321 for Friday, May 6th.

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  1. I got today’s in 2! I started with drain

  2. I shall only try it because you are my favorite. Also my go to words are teary and yours (just in case you see this)

  3. I started with SNARE. Still surprisingly got it in 2

  4. That consonant pair threw me for a loop and almost didn’t get it, got it in 6 though

  5. Hey Scott, you should do today's crosswordle. It was very difficult.

  6. try starting a game with "FRUIT" "NINJA" is a game

  7. Could you please try Audio and Enjoy as starting words! I watch all your videos!

  8. Day 6 of asking to start with
    Weary point dumbs

  9. Start with 2 random words with a random word generator.

  10. Hey man huge fan of the channel and since my name is Sammy you should start with great and sammy

  11. Can you please start with "Later" and then "Scowl"

  12. could you start with FINAL and then EXAMS? obviously not great letters but

  13. somehow, i spent 30 minutes just to come to “badge”

  14. You should use the wordle bot after you solve the wordle. It ranks the words you used and tells you what you could’ve done better or if it was the best word to use then.

  15. Honestly I have never heard anyone say it like i-oli I have always heated any pronounced it aye-oli. It's pretty interesting hearing a different pronunciation. Also you should start with teach because it's teacher appreciation week!

  16. I have a word suggestion: Myrrh and Cwtch. It’ll be a good challenge I think

  17. LOL i got it in four 2. Also can you go to google and search up 5 letter words and use the FIRST one u see

  18. You should start with Roast, I use it all the time and it’s a great starter word!

  19. Day 1 of asking you to try kilordle (1000 wordles at once)

  20. I’ve been in the car and I’ve been trying to make a unique 15 letter start, and after 45 minutes, I got one! You should try it. It’s stour, liven, and daych, which is some kind of roof- I think. I have heard it before but don’t know exactly what it means. I hope it works well!
    Edit: And no, I am not driving. Don’t be distracted while driving!

  21. In honor of the NHL playoffs you should start with SKATE and STICK.

  22. I started with STARE because thats my hard mode starting word and then I guessed badge as my second guess and got it right lol. Very lucky

  23. Can you please start with Audio for the next one

  24. Could you try ADIEU and HYDRO for tomorrow’s wordle?

  25. Can you start with salet and than fungi for your next wordle, please

  26. You should try out Redactle, I found it out from a comment myself. It chooses a Wikipedia article and blacks out a lot of words, and you have guesses and when you guess a word, it shows up in the article and you have to guess the article. It's a pretty fun challenge

  27. For the next wordle you should start with AUDIO and STERN please. its my 2 starters

  28. I saw this on a later day and I remember doing this wordless on that same day! I knew it was badge cuz I allready did that worlde

  29. Started off with darts and mince which was really good giving me all the letters and m and I green

  30. Please try hardmathler. The first game was started just yesterday and it took me like an hour, I didn't get the answer so I gave up. I like the strategies that you use to get the answer so I would like to see your take on this.

  31. Day 3 of asking Scott to start with "PLANT", "WATER" and "TREES"

  32. After your usual NASTY, LIVER and GUMBO you should add the Word DWARF. It checks for 3 new unique letters, (some words are tricky without them) and for two new spots for A and R.

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