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Wordle: What is It, How it Works & How to Play Wordle

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Have you seen people posting about Wordle on social media with seemingly cryptic strings of grey, yellow and green emoji squares and wondered what it was all about? Watch this video to learn what Wordle is, how Wordle works, and how to play Wordle!


Wordle is a daily word-guessing logic puzzle game. You can play it on nearly any device with a web browser, such as your smartphone, laptop, or tablet. You get six attempts to guess the five-letter word of the day. After each guess you submit, the game will tell you if you guessed any of the letters correctly. If you get a green letter, that means that letter is in the word and placed in the correct spot. If you get a yellow letter, that letter is in the word, but you’ve placed it in the wrong spot. Any greyed-out letters are not in the word at all, so you can safely leave them out of any subsequent guesses. Everyone playing the daily Wordle gets the same word, so try not to spoil it for anyone by sharing what the answer was!

To play the daily Wordle game, go to in your web browser of choice. Then, use the on-screen keyboard to click the letters you want to use to spell out your first guess. Some people like to use the same word as their first guess every time. For myself, I like to use the word ‘adieu’ as it lets me see if a,e, i, or u are in the word right away. But you can guess however you’d like. Once you’ve typed in your first guess, hit the Enter button on the keyboard to submit your guess. The letters in your guess will change colour based on whether they’re in the word or not, and whether they’re placed in the correct spot. Continue guessing by typing in what you think the word might be and entering your guess to see if you’re right. Make sure not to use any of the dark grey letters in your following guesses, as those letters are not in contained in the word. Also, it is possible for a letter to be in the word more than once. Once you solve the Wordle, you can share your stats to show your friends on social media how the daily puzzle went for you today. Click the Share button to share your results in a post on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Your results will be represented by emojis based on the colour of the submitted letters in each of your guesses.

This is a very fun and challenging daily puzzle game. Come back to Wordle each day for a new puzzle!

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  1. Do not understand what is so addictive and exciting with this game.

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