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Wordle went too far..

Whos Suda
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What is my IQ? I played Wordle every day for a week for this video. how did I do? did you get the words before me?

Since this game, Squabble came out so I might try that out too. Enjoy your daily wordle video.
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  1. On my microwave my six looks like this
    _ _ _ _
    |_ _ _ _
    | |
    | _ _ _ _|

  2. Hint: always do audio as the first one it helps!

  3. I usually start with words with lots of vowels, like adieu or early

  4. The brazilians looking the thumb:😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

  5. It took me a second to understand the front of the video, and when I realized it, this was me: OH HOLY SH-

  6. On the last one isn’t funny that he said 2 hours later but it been 6 minutes

  7. The titles never fail to make us click 💀😂

  8. You would be good on the show lingo you’d probably become rich

  9. Your videos are short you should make them longer

  10. The subs yesterday he had 56k now 326k

  11. I knew what you were gonna spell in the thumbnail. What he was gonna spell “ penis”

  12. Small tip, I always start with mouse or house because it gets 3 vowels out if the way!

  13. The thumbnail:PENIS wow wordle/wordless

  14. When I played wordless when I get up to eight letters no words work

  15. You misleaded the title to the video 🙁

  16. Yesterday I got it in 1 normally I get it in 3 or 2

  17. Let’s be honest, who clicked on this from the thumbnail? Suda never disappoints me with it 😂

  18. took me a while to realize the thumbnail

  19. Did you know you can click settings and you can change it to Infinite And so you don't have to do the days if you do that I will be over there

  20. you don’t have to click the letters you can type them

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