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Wordle tutorial

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  1. Wow wery nice I liked the vid so I will not subscribe haha noob

  2. This video is bad 妳有看到 🦧🩲🩲🙂😍🥰🙂🙂🙂👻👻👻👻💩💩 atomicfart 🎫👹😰👹😰👹😨

  3. WORDLE is my favorite program rhyming with ordle!

  4. u need java
    yes u need java or it won't work

  5. how do you put like a sentence like I like dogs together!?

  6. To keep two words together in the wordle with a space between, just replace the space with a tilde. For instance, if you were doing a wordle of character words about RESPECT you may want to include Golden~Rule. By typing it that way it will appear in the word cloud as Golden Rule instead of Rule and Golden appearing separately and randomized.

  7. Thank you Shawn!! This is good to know. I'm introducing Wordle to my students this week. 🙂

  8. Is their one where I can upload a picture and it will transform it

  9. the first 50 seconds i think i could figure out on my own

  10. you dont say,its a tutorial,get it right in your head.

  11. You breathe so much into the microphone. It makes me feel uncomfortable since I'm wearing earphones …

  12. Download a new browser!!! it will now work with chrome!

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