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Wordle: The Joy Of Word Play

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These past weeks, an invasion of green and yellow squares have taken over social media feeds worldwide, all of them advertising the same strange name: Wordle. What is it, and what does its success say about the oft overlook genre of Word Games?


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✍ Additional Writing by @Chariot Rider and @I am Error
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  1. Love the animation in this! And would absolutely love to see other premises used for other games.

  2. Excellent editing as always. I never considered how wordle has become a sort of collective small talk on social media. The magic circle is a new concept for me, and I think you explained it well. Good video!

  3. I didn't know it was this popular, I only saw it mentioned, like, 3 times

  4. My friends invited me to a wordless telegram chat. Didn’t realize this game was such a big thing.

  5. Never thought I'd see a video essay about wordle lol

  6. American spellings need banning. Change my mind

  7. What? Sorry i stopped listening half way through, trying to figure out todays wordle

  8. This reminded me to play wordle, and the end word was a very rude one 🙁

  9. I use the original and a knockoff without the daily limits, and I today spent a long time staring at my last guess (_O_A_). I just couldn't think of a word that fit the letters, and needed an N in the first or last position. So I just brute-forced it.
    It was "WOMAN".
    I blame sleep deprivation.

  10. Am I not Wordly enough for the Wordle Club?
    Wordle, Wordle

  11. With games like scrabble its easy to just switch languages, but I'm curious to see what would happened if someone tried to "translate" wordle, as some languages probably don't have as much five letter words or have less variety in letters, the obvious answer would be to use longer words but then it might become too difficult, or they might need to allow more time or attempts. Anyway, great video and explanation of what makes it tic, I might have just found something to add to my morning routine XD

  12. Unfortunately there's only one fact i know about tapirs….

  13. underrated is how it fills the niche of daily newspaper puzzles in a largely post-newspaper world

  14. It’s maddening how addictive Wordle is. Funnily enough, I caught a game show with a similar premise and thought it looked fun as hell only a few days before wordle fever hit so I’m taking this whole thing as indication I’m in a simulation someone is try to break me out of.

  15. Excellent video! There's so much to say about word games but you manage to capture why they are so compelling to so many people

  16. Sadly there's only six years in Wordle! The whole list already exists in the game's source code and we'll run out some time in 2027

  17. Games like this may not seem all that great first glance, but once you do one, you just want to do more. Wordle has become just as synonymous as crossword puzzles and sudoku. Best part of Wordle, unlike the games I mentioned, they can be done in a quick minute if you're witty enough.

  18. I do love to see tapir content on the youtube timeline

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