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Wordle The Game That’s Going Viral This Christmas

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If you’ve seen someone post a colored set of squares in their Twitter feed and wondered what on Earth is going, it’s almost certainly Wordle. Wordle is a quick daily word game in which you simply have to guess a five-letter word in six attempts or fewer. You don’t get any clues as to what the word is to begin with. You simply have to enter a five-letter word and hope for the best. Once you’ve entered that first word, any letters in the correct position in the word are marked in green, and any letters that are in the word, but not in the correct position are in a lighter shade of olive green. Grey letters aren’t in the word at all. Here’s an example of what a Wordle would look like:It should be dead easy to work out what the word is here at the sixth attempt! A new puzzle is posted each day on the Wordle website and everyone is solving the same puzzle, so no spoilers on social media! The site gives you a link to share your results on Twitter, without disclosing the letters involved, hence the little squares you might be seeing on people’s social media accounts:Wordle was created by a Reddit engineer, the very aptly named Josh Wardle. It’s not the first viral hit he’s been responsible for. In 2015, he created Reddit’s The Button, a bizarre game where a button appeared on a website with a 60-second countdown clock. Every time someone pressed the button the clock would reset, but each person could only press the button once. The point of The Button? There really wasn’t one, but it didn’t stop The Button getting millions of clicks and a huge amount of media attention. Still, it’s just nice to see something going viral this Christmas that isn’t an imminent threat to public health.

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