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Wordle, the five-letter spelling addiction

CBS Sunday Morning
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Correspondent Faith Salie (with a little help from New York Times crossword editor Will Shortz) fills us in on the new puzzle game that’s taking the world by storm, one letter at a time.

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  1. I can only think of a four letter word for Faith. Wait there's also a five letter word for her too

  2. I started playing last week and very entertaining

  3. The "optimal strategy" with actual Wordle dictionary set starts with "SALET" and has an average of 3.4212 guesses (7,920 total guesses required to solve all 2,315 hidden words). The decision tree is calculated by IDDFS and has been confirmed by exhaustive search to be OPTIMAL.

    The entropy method you have explained gives an average of 3.63687 (8,423 total guesses). I guess you have gone 2-steps forward to get a better result that that. In fact you came very very close to the optimal score!

    Among one-step forward heuristic methods "Most Parts" (simply picks the next guess with the maximum number of non-zero remaining possibles out of all 243 results – prefer possibles if their scores are the same – picks TRACE as the first guess) gives the best average with 3.57 (8,287 guesses).

    "Expected Size" method – comparing standard deviations of the possible one-step ahead remaining outcomes and preferring possibles – yields 3.6576 (8.471 total guesses).

    And finally MiniMax method (Donald Knuth's famous method for solving MasterMind 40 years back!) yields the worst average of 3.7621 but always finds the hidden word in 5 guesses or less unlike other heuristic methods all of which require a few 6 guesses.

    Here is the link to the full decision tree of the optimal strategy:


    Here is the link to the video explaining how to use the optimal strategy while playing Wordle:


  4. Now the New York Times purchased Wordle. It will remain free temporarily…………….

  5. Haven't played it yet, but from what I can see, it is just like the game of mastermind, in that colours represent whether you've made a right guess or a wrong guess.

  6. New York Times has purchased Wordle. It will be behind a subscription paywall eventually. SAD

  7. I've been playing it with my mom and we've made a basically a written version that we can use to write down our guesses and think of the words beforehand

  8. If you are smart and strategic the game cannot be lost. pluck, donut, arise in order for example (even with the doubled U). If you play "hard" mode it is theoretically possible to lose, but then by luck not skill (say you get blank, blank, A, C, K and there are many options. In regular mode you can simply make words with most key letters for the many options, in hard you need to leave the A, C, K). I have done the full archive and never lost. Fun game, but not quite as exciting if you cannot lose. Maybe now that the NYT owns it they will tweak it a bit?

  9. First time i did it in two guesses; its mostly in four; a couple of sixes (with a rapid heartbeat); out of 50 games or so, lost only once to a word I didn't know. Great fun!

  10. All the extra bs and she forgot to say where you go to play the game.. 😳..

  11. So sick of all of the FB post! I don't play and won't be.

  12. The genius of this game is that it limits you to one game per day. So it’s hard to get sick of and you anticipate it.

  13. An advertisement for some game that will quickly go the way of Angry Birds and Pokyman Go. I hate anything that starts akin to “everyone is doing it.” I’m not. Hats off to Wordell’s PR agency for getting this on the air.

  14. I’m a newbie and confused, hence why I am here

  15. WORDLE is the new L – I – N – G – O.

    That show on GSN brings such fond memories, with Stacey Hayes and Shandi Finnessey.

  16. I love it! I don’t do FB, but me, my mother, and my daughter all play every morning and share our results on a group text. Y’all, don’t be so cynical. It’s just fun.

  17. Wordle is nothing more than daily LINGO. I used to watch that show religiously as a kid which is why Wordle seems like a piece of cake.

  18. Thank you Sunday Morning for making such a great show for so many years!! 🙏

  19. I made a backup account so I can guess the word, then on my main account I get it in one “guess.” My friends all think I am a super genius. Just kidding—I have a life.

  20. ✨🇺🇸🗽TRUMP2020🗽🇺🇸✨

  21. I am going to start playing Wordle because of this report. The game sounds like fun.

  22. I ADORE wordle….got it in 3 tries today, Sunday Jan. 30th…..great fun!

  23. That report was no doubt as stupid as this game.

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