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Wordle stumps the Jomboy Media office?

JM Gaming (Jomboy Media)
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WARNING: contains spoilers for February 16 Wordle

The Jomboy Media office members see who can guess today’s Wordle in the fewest guesses. Jomboy, BBD, and more compete to see who can take the crown!


  1. "I don't wanna go cock, but it's the only word in my head."

  2. When I did this today's world I when I was reading it in my head I was so tired that I read it as chalk and so I accidentally did it well

  3. Honestly can’t believe how many people guess letters they already guessed.

  4. This needs to be a daily upload thing. Of the previous day of course so there no spoilers. The music is so perfect and watching them struggle through it is so relatable lol

  5. “All the good letters are gone..” the letter A enters the chat.

  6. This is the biggest anti-drinking ad I’ve ever seen

  7. Considering Twitters reaction to this Wordle was "That's not even a real word" and "NYT ruined wode with super hard words" I was relieved to see everyone at Jomboy HQ at least know it was a real word.

  8. Wow so depending on if you use NYT or powerlanguageUK it’s different words, cause mine was AROMA

  9. Hilariously, despite Lucas' thoughts, The New York Times REMOVED words for being too difficult, which is making different people get different words.
    Also: BBD gets it at 4:20.
    Also Also:
    Sam wanting pen and paper is adorable.
    Rob preplanning the guesses, taking a deep breath, and immediately having his strategy fall apart: adorable
    Lucas "I can't guess that yet" (on guess six): adorable

    Good job Dan!

  10. BBD getting caulk in 4 minutes 20 seconds is pretty appropriate

  11. I don't think that I'm emotionally mature enough to do a word puzzle in fornt of ppl. Let alone posting the score online. Props to the crew for even trying lol

  12. When you work with caulk I’d have an advantage lol, these are fun

  13. Zack’s face/expressions tell me he’s cheating, but his gameplay/everything else tell me he’s not. This isn’t an accusation, just an observation. Investigations may be needed. This series is awesome, hope you guys enjoy it as much as we do. Quality content 💯

  14. Today was my second ever time getting it in 3 tries… if only I was on Jomboy media

  15. Mourn… Blues… I'm not going to lie, I expected "Angst" and "Grief" to be following guesses if you follow the theme of his guesses.

  16. I got this one in 2! So stoked! First time getting it right in 2

  17. In Theater mode, your spoiler alert isn't seen unless you scroll down. Sit on these one day and no one can get spoiled. Please consider. Love these videos and seeing everyone's strategies, otherwise.

  18. Gonna start using the x like jomboy did. Never thought about doing that

  19. I’m not gonna look past that Robby’s stats where it said he had a first try

  20. I got caulk in 4 tries and I literally jumped out of my seat

  21. I probably wont get this one. I have no idea what caulk means.

  22. I heard Rob say he'd start with urine, paused the video and went to wordle to start with 'urine', found out I did the same word as in this video but more importantly Rob and me had the exact same run except I went for pluck lmao, great minds obvi

  23. Luke needs his own “hopeful guess” counter for the amount of nonexistent words attempted.

  24. Rob, Jomboy, and Luke all said “caulk” everyone else said “cock”

  25. In regards to the Blitzball tourny…
    This this is a joke.
    You guys are a joke.
    Make it competitive if you want to be real.
    Yea blitzball is backyard fun but you guys are backyard fucks if you think these rules make for competitive games.

  26. Wasn't it share yesterday? That would've been crazy for the girl

  27. I can’t believe there are people who don’t play on hard mode lol

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