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Wordle Solver or Wordle Adversary? Who will win?

Scott Stro-solves
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Pitting a #Wordle solving computer program against an adversarial #Wordle program to see how they do.

Absurdle –
Adverswordle –

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  1. Oscar, think, bulge. Michael Scott would be dying right now.

  2. Whoever is reading this . I want you to know that you are not far behind in your journey. Keep putting in the work. I want you to strengthen your spirit to the point it becomes strong enough to split atoms. Stay strong. 2022 will be your year!

  3. This is really creative! Really awesome video

  4. Play hello wordl (yes it is spelled correctly) and set it to 11 letters it is really hard

  5. On the absurdle page it says the lowest is 4 guesses

  6. It's actually possible to solve Absurdle in 4, as Absurdle shows one solution that does so.

  7. I love these! I’d love to see more, I’m really glad I found your channel!

  8. I think that was kind of cool. A very good idea to do that and a very entertaining video it made.

    If it's doing it like it's on hard mode a human may be able to narrow down a little quicker by using words to eliminate letters instead of just guessing the correct word. So if you can figure out a good word list you might be able to get it an average around five or six.

  9. How do u make the adverswordle unlimited so you can play it over and over again

  10. I just tried this and the bot got it in 5 guess's

  11. Absurdle can be beaten in 6 attempts, currently striving for 5 attempts.


  12. Reminds me of akinator (I think that’s the name?) with the thought bubble

  13. 7:35 Absurdle is necessarily "unlimited mode" because it has no word in mind; it is a deterministic algorithm for minimally reducing its superposition of words by responding to the same sequence of guesses with the same reduction every time. It can't possibly be meaningfully "limited" because there can be no "today's Absurdle".

  14. Fun fact: if you enter the word “Aiery” (in Absordle) then the A will be yellow. But that makes non-sense since the word could be a word like pongs, which makes the square all gray/grey. For some reason, the AI doesn’t want all of the squares to be gray/grey.

  15. On Absurdle you want a low score on Adverswordle you want a high score

  16. I haven't managed to beat Absurdle in 4 guesses, but I was able to force a win in 5 guesses while getting no green or yellow clues on the first four:


  17. Absurdle 7/∞

    It war eerie

  18. The guessing algorithm is probably decently similar to the algorithm for trying to avoid the answer, which is possibly why both took 7, it's probably the balance of the two engines

  19. I could get Absurdle in 6.
    The thing is, with Absurdle you want to make it lock in letters as soon as possible. Once you exhaust the vovels, it doesn't have as much wiggle room

  20. I beat absurdle in 5 guesses with. Beast chimp flown drugs jolly

  21. I got absurdle in 5 tries on my first try of the game.
    I did:
    And then it is forced to be CUBIC.

  22. Hmm. The answer reminds of a very kind Swedish league of legends YouTuber…

  23. I’ve gotten 5 with “crane,spilt,howdy,booby, booky
    I think that it but yeah

  24. I tried the same thing you did and also got 7 guesses

  25. I did an absurdle and my word was “assay”

  26. This was a very cool video. Computer vs computer in one of my favorite word games? Boy was it fun to watch

  27. Fun fact: if you do splat, midge, frowy, chunk, boxer in that order you will always get rover

  28. tried this and it got stuck in the -olly trap so the absurdle was in 9

  29. I think it's like the plural of Baa Boo. Some kind of Indian term of address of an elderly person.

  30. I just got absurdle in 5 and it was my first try

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