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Wordle on Steroids!

Scott Stro-solves
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I’m Scott Strosahl, and today I’m solving a cross between Mastermind and Dordle/Quordle, called Wordzy.

Check out part 2 here –

Wordzy gets pretty crazy on multi-word mode. You can try it out yourself at

You can find my other ‘Wordle-like’ solves here –

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  1. I got all 4 words on the Qourdle right away and was internally screaming the entire time LOL otherwise I was nowhere near you

  2. Always interested when a longer video is posted

    Red T badge day as well Keep up the great content, it's all been great thus far!

  3. I was screaming BOOTH for so long I was dying from anxiety 😂😂

  4. Hey Scott, love your videos! You should check out today’s quordle, it’s interesting!

  5. Can you do water, melon and sugar for a wordle starter? Thank You!

  6. Hey, Scott have you ever tried out squabble its a battle royale version of wordle!

  7. For the 2nd word in the 4 word one it could have been VOCAL as well.

  8. You should use High-Contrast mode to see better 🙂

  9. This is what you should do as a live stream thst ends when you fail. That way you know you will eventually fail.

    The other idea is how many infinity wordle you can do in a fixed time. Ie an hour.

  10. love seeing you do these puzzles my brain is currently too small for this but watching u teaches me alot. grrat job on solving those.

  11. I saw BOOTS before i saw BOOTH it’s just one of those situations where it’s a 50/50

  12. this has been one of my favorite wordle type videos yet. the logic in this game is really intricate at times and reminds me of the richness of the logic in a good sudoku. nice work!

  13. Imagine if someone made a xordle-word500 game

  14. For a starting word can you try what I use SAUCE BROIL and NYMPH or FIGHT depending on how many letters you have because fight reuses the I

  15. I can’t believe you didn’t consider boots for that booth word.

  16. Enjoyed the longer video, wouldn't mind some more of these!!

  17. Yes I like this variant. It’s so hard that I’m not gonna attempt it, but I like to watch you struggle

  18. this was so fun to watch! love to see how your brain works and gets tired and then recovers! Greetings from Istanbul <3

  19. You should play today's Crosswordle. It was pretty challenging for me today! (April 30th)

  20. I would love to see your reaction if it was BOOTS instead of BOOTH after all that 😂

  21. I really love the idea of focusing a board making the keyboard useful

  22. This was super fun to watch! 😀 very well played I must say!

  23. Can you please start with Foots Hanky and Dimer because it’s my starting words and I just think you should try it

  24. This seems like a super interesting varient, thanks for showing it off to us Scott!

  25. This is amazing. Actually seeing you struggle and think through it instead of making everything look so easy!!😂 do more of these I love watching the thought process.

  26. Scott please do the weekly squardle. What An interesting idea! Used the five word start and got it without wasting any more guesses.

  27. Scott can you do Arson glyph timed as a starter in wordle

  28. Early on in the double one I thought of rough. Kinda shocked I was right.

  29. My mom always uses a notepad to solve her Wordles! Sometimes it’s helpful, sometimes it’s not😂

  30. For the 2 words one, I got rough right away and was waiting for you to guess it

  31. What do you call an extraterrestrial baby duck who is really small?

  32. Could you try to start with Sport, Lynch, and Adieu? They are my current starting words. You could also replace Sport with Ports if you think that would be a better option.

  33. 39:55 what?! Your almost 40 mins in and ur not ready to guess a word with a z in it?!

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