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Wordle May 2 – What’s The Answer Today? Wordle 317

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What’s the Wordle of the Day? Wordle Today 5/2/22 #wordle #dailywordle wordle 317 #wordle317


  1. I did the exact same mistakeStormStork🫠😂

  2. CRANE, TOILS, SPORT, MILKY, STORY – I won't play in hard mode, actually can make you a slave to luck and no skill on your guesses.

  3. for situations where you know four of the letters but the final letter could be several options try making a word for a few of the options if you have extra guesses for example with this one. you knew it was STOR but it could have had an E,Y, M, or K. If you make a word using a few or all of those letters and it lights up yellow then you know thats the letter that goes with STOR. For example you could do the word peaky and if the Y, E, or K light up than you know its one of those, if none of them light up then you know its the M to make the word Storm

    EDIT: didn't realize it was hard mode rules carry on lol

  4. I started with SITAR. Got me a green S and yellows for T & R. I decided to see what words were possible and found 10, as there wasn't many ways the word could be with those 3 consonants already found. Of the 10 words I located, four had a: S T O R _ format and another 3 had a: S _ O R T format. The other three had a U in them. I've never looked to use an elimination word early before. I've only used such words 2-3 times in my 80 games, and that when I was further down the board. But I considered letters from the words I'd found and first thought of NYMPH, which could target 7 of the 10. I also saw a possible was with HEMPY, but wasn't sure it was an actual word. I decided for the heck of it to type HEMPY and got an green Y. This meant from the 10 words, only STORY would fit. NYMPH would have given the same result. So, the elimination method worked, something I've used just 3 times now. Game was: SITAR – HEMPY – STORY. I used Hard Mode for a long time, but I realised that being locked into a tactic that at times threw logic to the wind and replaced it with blind luck wasn't necessarily a great thing. I prefer a hybrid method these days.

  5. Greetings from Malaysia, I was abit lucky
    1. AUDIO
    2. OTHER
    3. STORY (this word strike me 1st)

  6. idk if people will believe me but I went from GUIDE (all greys) straight to STORY (all greens) and it was probably the most lucky and satisfying wordle I’ve ever done

  7. Video was on my recommended, happy to stumble upon it! Great video I just subbed keep it up!

  8. Love supporting small youtubers! Have a great day! ☺️🔥

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