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Wordle March 13th, 2022 – Can you guess the word?

Sean Plays
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Hi everyone! Today Sean plays Wordle, a fun word logic puzzle.
Can you get the word in fewer guesses? Give it a shot at the link below:

And check your answers here with SCOREDLE!


  1. The standard first 2 guesses worked well today: Aegis—Yourn—Focus

  2. Wow, this is the first time we’ve had very similar guesses, audio, shout, bogus, focus. Can’t beleive we both thought of bogus haha

  3. Fun to see the starting word get changed up. And I agree that Scoredle is a bit less useful when it includes possibilities that could never be answers. Very similar approach to some others here, got it in 5 with STERN, AUDIO, LOUSY, BOGUS, FOCUS

  4. Didn't really have to FOCUS on this Wordle day, it was "easy"
    Aisle – 903 Words, BBYBB
    Spork – 134 Words, YBYBB
    Fonts – 2 Words, GGBBG
    Focus – Best Guess, 0 Words, GGGGG
    The other word was "Fouds"

  5. I really struggled for no reason. Got in five, WEARY GHOUL DONUT LIMBS FOCUS. I use limbs to get more info, but I just couldn’t think of focus for some reason. Good job on your score!

  6. Ideas — Floss — Focus. Good start to the day.

  7. I got extremely lucky today with my starting word, it was FLOCK and narrowed the answer down to just 1. My first wordle in 2 today.

  8. Wordle 267 4/6


    Grace climb psych focus 🧘‍♀️

  9. Four spot and ashamed since I forgot that, even without being plural, words can end in "S". STARE; OUIJA; LOUSY; FOCUS.

  10. I've heard there are 2,000 words, none plural or with "Y" as the only vowel; are they listed anywhere?

  11. I also got it in four today, it seems like we made some very similar guesses to get to the answer


  13. Uraei is also a villain in the novel Star Trek Section 31: Control

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