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Wordle Jan 26th, 2022 – Can you guess the word?

Sean Plays
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Hi everyone! Today Sean plays Wordle, a fun word logic puzzle.
Can you get the word in fewer guesses? Give it a shot at the link below:


  1. I actually started with WRONG. Worked like a charm

  2. Got it in 4. Started with SUITE again. No letters. Opted to try out checking POACH next (could've gone with ROACH instead). Great decision. The rest of the game went -> CHACK -> *****.

  3. Got it in 4 today. 
    I've changed my strategy now I've switched to Hard Mode. Going big on consonants to start with.

  4. Suite, growl, hacks, whack… I love your calm voice.

  5. So far I’m still guessing by four. I’m afraid my luck will change soon ❤️‍🔥

  6. Took me five today as well: NEARS>QUALM>TOADY>WATCH>WHACK. This one was indeed tricky

  7. This was a 5-guesser for me also: Aegis—Round—Track—Flack—Whack

  8. What time do you post these? It's only 8:20 a.m on the west coast LOL

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