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Wordle Jan 13th, 2022 – Can you guess the word?

Sean Plays
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Hi everyone! Today Sean plays Wordle, a fun word logic puzzle.
Can you get the word in fewer guesses? Give it a shot at the link below:


  1. I barely got mine as well in 5/6. This was a tough one not gonna lie.

  2. You got there Sean! Whew! Got it in 3 but I had to work it out for ~ 7 min. My guesses in order were roast, then, yield.

  3. Barely pulled through here, 6/6. This was super tough but a really fun one nonetheless

  4. If you need answers for all future dates I can tell in advance.

    Ping here

  5. Got it at 5…had to work a bit.. Will try different way tomorrow

  6. Yeah that B was one of the last consonants I tried also before getting it on the 5th. Tough one!

  7. This one almost broke me. Thong-Smear-Blade-Zebra-correct guess

  8. Got it in 4 only because I couldn't find any other word to fit based on remaining consonants lol. Started with rates again today

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