Wordle is only good if you're good at it | Review - wordle.plus

Wordle is only good if you’re good at it | Review

The Week I Review
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  1. stunning video The Week I Review. I killed the thumbs up on your video. Keep on up the solid work.

  2. Sounds a lot like hacking a terminal in the Fallout games. But like, for fun? More power to ya!

  3. I have never in my entire life played Wordle… But I fully agree with everything you are saying

  4. Thre are diferent difficult sunday(or saturday) puzzles And th number variious things an logic are nice too.
    There not harder too? and you can cheat with crossword. You can look it up and its as good expanding words with on paper crosswords. Its fair game to finish ior not, or look up.
    I lie the word playful one that are like easier riddles
    Aggro is a rap genre thats sililar to gangster rap, and about social siiues sometimes. But thats weird because i know it from german german?!

  5. K, so that rating HAS to be a reference to “Lewdle” or whatever. No?

  6. It's a terrible day when defaulting to pussy is boring. Also I quit wordle games quickly when it somehow had really niche words but didn't accept words I knew that I thought were more common. Gamed are fun. That's frustrating.

  7. As someone who always opens with the one-two punch of 'adieu' and 'porky', your point about it being less interesting when you play to win put a stiletto knife right through my chest. Dang, you're right. One of the things I like most about wordle actually is the tweet format that lets you track someone else's journey, not from a 'word close to the answer' perspective but the thinking behind it, and for me to basically make the first third of the game a known quantity every single time is robbing myself of that.

  8. In addition to Wordle, I play Nerdle (guess the equation in 6 tries), and Worldle (guess the country by its shape in 6 tries). That last one gives you clues: how far your guess is from the correct country, in which direction the country lies from your guess, and a percentage score of how close you are to being right.

  9. As a non-native English speaker wordle can get really annoying. I probably would have stopped playing this really quickly if my friends didn't talk about it every single day, and I am still no daily player.What is intresting is that i seem to have a really specific trouble where i can't recognise the most likley word, i have had multiple times where i have 4 of the 5 letters at the third guess and than failed out by making all the words that weren't the one wordle wanted me to guess, and whle my friends sometimes run in the same problem they tend to only have to switch out a letter twice in the same situation. Which is far more annoying than straight up not knowing the word they wanted you to guess. It is also one of the games that makes me feel incredibly stupid. Failing at worldle while i see that all my friends are doing amazing realy makes me feel like My english vocubalary is bad and that i am embarassing myself every time i dare to open my mouth. (Though i did manage to get Agora, but that might be because i am studying history)

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