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Wordle is great because it ignores “good” game design

I am Error
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  1. "wordle is good because it ignores 'good' game design"*me, a game designer listening to this person talk about good game design for four minutes confused why they think it was bad*. Like I don't think it was intentional but its still good design for what it is none the less.

  2. Hang on, what "good" game design does wordle ignore?

  3. most excellent video I am Error. I crushed that thumbs up on your video. Always keep up the high quality work.

  4. There's some interesting variants that have come out as well:Worldle: shows you a picture of a country or region significant enough to have a country code, you have 6 guesses, it gives you a percentage (0% is exactly the opposite side of the planet), distance and an arrow pointing one of 8 directions telling you which direction the country you're looking at is from the one you guessed. Good for geology buffs.Heardle: You hear the first second of a song, you have to guess what it is. After each guess, you get more of the song. 1s, then 2s, then 4, 8, and so on. Good for the music listener (as long as they're not super niche types.)Duotrigordle: 32 5 letter words, 37 guesses to solve all of them. Basically you're doing 32 wordles at once, and you still only get 5 chances to guess incorrectly. It's a more strategic experience, since you're keeping track of so many different grids at once, figuring out what progress you make in each, etc.Of these variants, Heardle is impossible (my music tastes do not match its tendencies), Worldle is too easy most of the time (but still good for keeping me from going too rusty on geography), and Duotrigordle is sublime. (It also has a practice mode, which randomly generates games to play, if you want more, but they don't count, they're not the official daily game.

  5. I don't the point you're trying to make by saying it's great because it ignores 'good' game design. When it in fact exemplifies good design because good 'game' design is contextual, deliberate, cohesive and implemented well. All of which is present. It's essentially a word daily challenge or forgive me, a word-based rogue-like where everyone gets one try to figure out the solution for the day. Nothing more, nothing less.

  6. ive fallen in love with this channel after watching the minesweeper video. keep doing what youre doing and dont stop!

  7. todays word was CRAZY it took me AGES to get it 🙁

  8. Lol ok time for me to finally find out what this game is. crawls out from rock

  9. This really captures how I feel playing it so well.

    It's so rare I am able to participate in anything others are doing, there is a surprising amount of pleasure in feeling I can join in with such a simple word game

  10. Love the Celeste OST (Chapter 5b: Temple Remix) in the background~ Commenting for engagement.

  11. Don’t know who you are but thanks for showing me this cool game 👍🏼

  12. Wait does that mean I’m among the first to guess each new one because I live in New Zealand?

  13. This is good comment. It respects Error's video. Be like this comment.

  14. limiting the amount you can play each day is actually a commonplace mechanic in f2p games, it's intended to make players create habits around playing the game so they'll play for longer

  15. but i got tapir on my 1st try… o out of 5 refunded

  16. Thank you for the intro to wordle! Your analysis is spot on with this puzzler. However may I suggest a re-edit for the visuals? Starting this video with a clear view (not zoomed out) of playing wordle could make it a definitive wordle video

  17. No idea how I missed this upload but I recently started playing Wordle the other day so I guess it worked out. Great video!

  18. New favorite word game, thanks for the recommendation!

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