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Wordle is Complete Nonsense

Whos Suda
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Why Suda @WhySuda
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Thanks to @HyperNovaPuma for playing Wordle with me today. It was a close match!


  1. Bro trying to have more channels than Mr. Beast 💀 . Also, wandering the Mojave almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter.

  2. There is no fucking way I just got a wordle ad on a wordle video

  3. so i got 4 ads within first 6minutes.. ridiculous

  4. Pretty sure Geoguessr videos should be on Wheres Suda to be convenient.

  5. So many channels he’s gonna go through the McNasty phase

  6. I had no idea you had other channels besides dementia gaming

  7. Why. I thought better of you Who. Why just posted something like this. Can’t believe Im this happen

  8. You just uploaded a video on both channels in 2 seconds

  9. suda is bussin with the vids but anyway hi from australia

  10. Suda cant keep getting away with getting these bags when making wordle videos😭

  11. Early omg!!!! LOVE YOU ( i was second comment) omggg

  12. the funniest shit ever is that todays wordle is AUDIO
    and I found that out after trying it as the first cause hyper said it

  13. Love this video 😂 you both are the only people who can make watching wordle very fun 😁

  14. Bro has me subbed to 3 channels. For What purpose? Why? Who does he think he is? Where is he gonna put content? When is he posting on al these channels? How is he managing this? I'm livid.

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