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Wordle in Three Minutes 20 April 2022

Cracking The Cryptic
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This is NOT Wordle in a Minute today!


  1. I failed this one and the one for today. Yay!

  2. I was tempted to make some popcorn for this one 🤣🤣

  3. I got lucky with the next word with a G, in only 2 guesses.
    Games -> Cargo

  4. Got it in 3 but went through the exact same process. Had four yellows on line 2 (GROAT) and then sat there thinking of something to fit before saying "LARGO?", no it can't be…CARGO!

  5. I got lucky. I started with "steal" to get the A and could only think of "carry" for my second guess.

  6. I got this one in 2 attempts.


    One of the luckier days…

  7. I haven't seen the end and was watching on mute with captions. Didn't understand why he couldn't try ratio or radio since it has the r and o in different locations, but then I might not understand this game fully yet.

  8. got it in five and the kick is I had “cared” as my first guess

    Cared carts moist Carol cargo

    Obviously not on hard mode I needed the vowels in moist

  9. “Sometimes it is not wordle in a minute” 😆

  10. I got burnt out on Wordle a while ago since they made several days in a row of anxiety inducing puzzles.

  11. I started with 'forge' and got the word in 2 tries lol.

  12. I didn't even have an O untill i guessed cargo xD
    Was pretty much zeroing in on it.

  13. I had MACRO as my third guess so I got it in four. Sometimes luck is everything.

  14. I used CTC recommended OCTAL SIREN DUMPY and just had to find the G. Some days that combo is very handy!

  15. Sometimes it's hard. And somehow i got this is three guesses. Started with Siren, can't even remember what my second guess was, but it gave me all the letters i needed and then it was easy

  16. You should start with “ADIEU” since it covers so many vowels

  17. I play normal mode, can’t imagine the challenge of hard mode! Thanks for posting it even though not in a minute!

  18. you dont have to use the letter you discovered every time. If firs line gives you only one clue you can use completely new letters in next to find out more

  19. i thought it was GAZOR like Gazorbeam from Incredibles. but apparently not a word

  20. Dont worry too much about struggling this is more relatable. Fun to see that you are a human after all.

  21. Got it surprisingly easy in 4 try after horny, error and tulip for extracheck

  22. I actually played "largo" before I realized "cargo" was a (much more likely) option. 🤦‍♀️ Granted, I play piano & sang in a choir, so.

  23. You got too cocky putting BELOW as your second guess. 2 uncommon letters and eliminating a place for O left you unable to make enough useful guesses.

  24. Would love to see you try xordle. It’s like this but there are two words.

  25. I got this in one… Although it was after I watched this video.

  26. After the first 3 guesses there was literally only one word left in the Wordle dictionary that was possible.

  27. I got rouge –> cargo, it was the only word I could think of with the r and o in a different spot at the time

  28. This is what I look like doing Wordle most days.

  29. I rarely do the wordle anymore, but on a whim decided to try this one and had pretty much an identical experience to yours. Why is cargo so hard to think of? It seems like a pretty good starting word, at least.

  30. Still waiting for oyu to do a 'Braid' playthrough guys!

    It's an AMAZING game! By the designer of the Witness. Just play it BLIND remember…

  31. All good, Mark, Wordle In An Hour is just as much fun to watch! 😸

  32. So Mark is only humain after all. What a disapointement (just kidding).

  33. I actually prefer this, as I watch Youtube on a Desktop and the Shorts don't work well with that format.

  34. Don't feel bad Mark, if it were me doing these videos, it would be, wordle in half an hour.

  35. I got that in 3rd try and same with today's wordle.

  36. As a non-native speaker this was not hat hard, but I had Carbo first

  37. I had a dickens of a time with this one, too.

  38. My opening word gives me the A, C and R, so I had a pretty good way into this one.

  39. Garbo is the best potential guess I have seen from you sir.

  40. I always start with the same two words: Pious, Crane. Uses five vowels and three of the five most common consonants.

  41. As someone who regularly speedruns Wordle boards, it is interesting to watch one of your videos from the perspective of someone who can do what you're doing much faster. Obviously, I'm no match for your Cryptic and Sudoku skills, but knowing I could easily do 40 Wordles in the time it took you to do 1 is an incredibly surreal experience nonetheless.

  42. “Kazoo, the stupid musical instrument” made me laugh out loud on a second viewing. I agree.

  43. after the disaster with FOYER, it was one of the best decisions to start with INTRO.

  44. Can you do a daily Quordle solve? That's a bit more fun! 😁

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