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Wordle in the Swamp

Scott Stro-solves
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Solving #Wordle #271 for Thursday, March 17th.

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  1. My last guess was moxie and I wanted to die after

  2. I just couldn’t get it I did louie, zowie, pokie, bogie but didn’t realize that it could also make the oooo sound 😂.

  3. Beat you by one guess. My starting word was cater.

  4. Try to start with champ,tubes,wordy, and fling.

  5. You should start with the word “dream”!

  6. Do Glent. Jumpy. Vozhd. Waqfs. And brick. Works every time

  7. Start with “Swing” might give a good chance idk

  8. I did Moxie for the same reason then realised it was movie

  9. I just came back from the movies and decided to use movie and got it first try LOL

  10. I started with "GREEN" for St. Patrick's day…

    Barely got it in 6

  11. Start with salet has an average of 3.4 guesses

  12. Start with alien then trump then chair and blaws

  13. I used moxie at first too once I got some of the letters!

  14. Started off with thorn, went to video, then I used moist to figure out the o placement and guessed movie right after

  15. Me and two other people I know also guessed Moxie after using x as a filler. Unfortunately I guessed moxie on my last guess and lost my streak

  16. I actually tried to guess Covid as well 😅

  17. Mine was really similar except I guessed moped on the 3rd guess

  18. someone send me a gif of saying salut this morning , i haven't done today's wordle yet but then i thought of starting with salut what to say lucky me …. only the l wasn't in the word and after thinking a little bit i got the word saute , lucky me for that guy to send me that gif (mar 18)

  19. i got this one in two :] which was funny because my first word didn't give my anything

  20. Start with miaou, lol it is actually valid

  21. I guessed a word with no correct letters anywhere, and then second guess was the right word out of pure luck!

  22. Never ask a woman her age a man his salary and Scott his wordle streak

  23. I also guessed moxie before movie it made me so mad, it’s way more common movie than moxie hahaha

  24. You should do the words glent, brick, jumpy, waqfs, and vozhd. Trust me it uses every letter except x

  25. Try out the sedecordle (16 simultaneous wordles)

  26. Pls use
    GLENT BRICK JUMPY WAQFS VOZHD as it gives 25/26 of the letters

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