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Wordle in the Sunshine State

Scott Stro-solves
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Solving #Wordle #269 for Tuesday, March 15th.

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  1. Do Glent, brick, jumpy, vozhd, then waqfs that gives you every letter but x but you then only have one guess.

  2. He could’ve gotten it third try but on his third try he did a bababooey and messed up

  3. day 15 of asking for you to start with adieu

  4. Try Using Video for the next wordle video cause it will be kinda funny

  5. Hey, I love your videos of Wordle! I recommend you to play Babble Royale, it's a free game on Steam that is like Scrabble but Battle Royale and since I suppose it's technically somewhat similar to Wordle

  6. Start with reads next time that is what i did for today and i got it in 3 tries

  7. i got it in 2 guesses by starting with smelt

  8. Got it in 2 today proud of my French speaking a**

  9. I started with “IRATE” today and had no idea what I should do next so I tried “TEXAS” I got 5 letters, so I tried mixing them up and got “TEASE”!

  10. Today I started with my usual Slate. Which was really good today since I had most letters and some of them in the right spot. Then I went with Tease and finally got it in 2!!

  11. Have a great vacation!! Love daily updates from the Wordle guy!!!

  12. Once again asking for “Penis” as a starter word

  13. Got this one in 2. Went stare, then determined that tease was the best option. Couldn’t believe it

  14. I’ve been starting with “slate” recently, have gotten the past 2 days on the second word

  15. Adieu for first word or audio, same letters

  16. This is so random but these videos are so fun keep up the good work and have fun at Florida 🤟😎

  17. Wordle 269 2/6*


  18. I have a challenge for you, every word you put there must have at least 2 of the same letters. For example, Skill, Funny, Still, Chill.

  19. Day four of asking to start with, ratio, mends, and lucky

  20. I always start with "Steam" and it works pretty well

  21. Thorn and apple? Checks for double p and if the word ends on ht or th

  22. .an really forgot that he has there is an a in the word

  23. Day 9 : Try 'Great' as a starting word.

  24. On the day i got the word in 2 goes!
    its because my starting word is TALES

  25. I wrote cease as the last one and got it wrong so you should start with cease

  26. I always start with "slime" and then "round", if i don't get any info from those i go with "whack" !! They're all unique letters so you're guaranteed to at least eliminate a bunch of letters

  27. the sunshine state is queensland australia. get it right

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