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WORDLE in the 1850s (Google Ngram Viewer Meme)

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This is a google books Ngram meme where WORDLE is a very famous word in the 1850s, 1853, 1860s, 1880s. We go back to 1853 where we see Benjamin Franklin showing off his Worlde timeline, but he is very bad at wordle. We see George Washington get his Wordle correct first try with no hints. He is very good at the game. We see a woman ask what wordle is as she does not know, this ends bad. This is a ngram meme. (Google Ngram Viewer Meme). Short meme. Song used air max violin.



  1. franklin tried to solve it with american words and not english words smh

  2. I mean… George Washington and Benjamin Franklin died 50 years before 1850 but sure.

  3. But george washington and ben franklin wasnt alive during 1850’s

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