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WORDLE in Minecraft!

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What’s up guys! I made WORDLE with just redstone! I hope you enjoy.

0:00 Showcase
2:32 How to Play + Explanation
8:36 Epic Gameplay
12:54 Thanks for watching!





Play Wordle:

World Download: (JAVA 1.17.1) SPEEDUP RECOMMENDED

Carpet Mod:


Texture pack: Custom. Link in discord


  1. I really appreciate the signal strength keyboard and the compact display! I do wonder why you are using comparators when transferring the signal strength. You can directly connect the 15 repeaters. The transfer would be much faster (14 blocks per second instead of 9)

  2. You can place green and yellow glass plates over the lamps insted of placing a lamp over green and yellow block

  3. Do you think it would be easier or harder to use the master mind rule set? It's basically the same game without the clues being in the actual column. So you wouldn't know which columns are green.

  4. How fast did you make this
    I literally only heard about wordle yesterday

  5. Put a clock so if all the green ligjts are on they blink!

  6. Im making a calculator for myself inspired by you but how would exact division work? Because i can do the whole number but beyond the radix point is mystery ti me becuase i want it to be an exact decimal that isnt hard to bus like normal binary decimals, so how would it work?

  7. I tried making it but while not as nice as yours it’s much smaller.

    Just make 5 piston feed tapes with a glass one besides each one. Have the feed tape move barrels and in each barrel is a letter. If you get the correct letter correct spot two lights go on right letter wrong spot turns on 1 light. Limited to 6 tries as you have to insert a token before each game then at the end it resets

  8. Are you interested in operating systems development as a career?

  9. Wow! This is way simpler than I thought! 😯👏

  10. I knew if anyone could recreate wordle in Minecraft with redstone it will be you <3

  11. I can't explain how this anomly can make these type of creation so fast

  12. The fact that this was made in 2 days…. I can't even fathom

  13. If he streamed making these I would totally watch!

  14. Great video, wonder if pac man can be done 🤔🤔

  15. You should really make battleship with redstone, I think it would turn out to be crazy

  16. The redstone collaboration we always knew we needed

  17. Sorry I'm a bit late to seeing this. This is awesome! I really like how you did the keyboard interface. It can sometimes be a bit tricky making those but you were able to compact it down a lot! There were a lot of amazing circuits in this. Good job!

  18. I think in the actual game it would still leave yellow on if the letter was already green in tge correct position then repeated in another position

  19. insane. production quality is really good too, just commenting for the algorithm hope this video gets seen

  20. How do you keep creating amazing creations like this every month!!??

  21. My friend Algorhythm777 recommended you, and I love it!

  22. If more than 1 yellow are on a line and nothing else, one of them should cancel. now it should work for the edge cases 🙂

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