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Wordle in a Minute – Epic Fail 11th March 2022

Cracking The Cryptic
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Mark tries to get Wordle done in a minute – what’s going to happen this time? #Shorts


  1. Shows the luck of the draw on the first word choice. I used “sweat” first, and got it in two.

  2. Lol I had the -atch on my third try, I went latch hatch catch patch

  3. Aaah, that one's so mean, since watch has a completely different vowel sound. Going from patch, match to watch is nigh impossible in such a short time.

  4. I had narrowed it down to either latch or watch when I played. I guessed wrong, breaking my longest streak so far. I'm glad that I wasn't the only one to have trouble with it at least.

  5. I failed on this as well. Ended with BATCH, CATCH and HATCH. Next would have been WATCH and PATCH but I was out of guesses! Vicious to get *ATCH given the number of possibilities (the M in MATCH had been ruled out for me).

  6. This makes me feel better for failing it too 🤣

  7. Lost this one too and it made me sad- touch, catch, batch, patch, latch, match and that was that…

  8. I went latch match watch for my last three words. Just about got it!

  9. I saw on Twitter that people had failed this one. I got lucky on the third try ("siren", "octal", "watch"). I think that a lot of people struggled because a lot of "*atch" words sound similar so people got caught on "catch", "hatch", "match", "patch", "latch", "batch". Whereas "watch" sounds different (the "a" has an "o" sound) so doesn't come to mind so easily.

  10. I got to all but first letter correct on guess 4
    and since I don't play hard mode, I used guess 5 to rule out as many letters as I could
    and luckily the word I chose had W in it
    might've very well failed as well in hard mode

  11. That was a hard one. I got the _atch ending pretty quickly and then used the last couple tries and still didn't get it 😢

  12. I had the last 4 letters by my 3rd try, still managed to fail because there were just so many options for that last letter

  13. I got Watch on 6/6 for this one. Just barely kept my streak alive. Then the rest of the [X]ATCH words came flooding in my brain just to taunt me. Like what if it was this one you didn't guess instead. haha

  14. Watch, ratch, patch, gatch, hatch, latch, catch, batch, natch, and match are all valid guesses.
    10 different possibilities for _atch!

  15. Marks wordle in a minutes are such highlights of my day. That fail was fantastic. Watch?

  16. My best friends girlfriend started her guess off with “Match” that day. She then proceeded to try “Batch,” “Catch,” “Hatch,” “Latch,” and “Patch” in that order to finally fail. She was so close so quickly, yet so far away. I failed that day as well. I tried “latch” on the third guess, and ruled out a few key letters, but I still had 5 possible solutions with 3 guesses left. So it was all bad luck from there

  17. I guessed something with a W in before I got the Atch part, got it in 4. BTW, you should do an Octordle Mark. 😛

  18. my strategy is always trying 15 different letters with my first 3 guesses so i can eliminate most letters. i got it at my 6th guess but honestly i was so scared it was gonna be 'hatch' (which would be extraordinarily mean but they've done 'belle' before so i suppose anything's possible)

  19. I played this one nearly identically to you, even guessed Match at the end XD

  20. This was my first failure, I tried match, batch and catch!

  21. I also had '-atch' on my 5th guess. I played Champ to rule out Catch, Match, and Patch, then was left with having to pick between Watch or Hatch and I picked incorrectly…I thought it would be Hatch since it was the more difficult word to get. 'Watch' ended my 170+ win streak……….. ~240 wins and 5 losses in total

  22. Same here I had the first letter wrong 3 times

  23. I caught the _atch fast enough that I was able to burn a guess trying to eliminate as many possible first letters as possible. But then I wasn't on hard mode, which means that position becomes totally down to luck.

  24. I also got that the word end with “ATCH” in 4th word, tried catch and hatch. 🙁

  25. I got to 'atch on the third try then tried 'claim' to whittle down the options, no luck there then struck out on Batch and Patch. Too many 'atches!

  26. I was down to batch and match, glad I didn’t think of repeated letters like hatch or catch but went straight to watch on the last try.

  27. My third attempt was HATCH. Ran through CATCH & PATCH, before getting lucky on WATCH on my last attempt. Definitely a tough one.

  28. That is a nice strategy, if you want to fail. You are wasting so many character by repeating those, you already know. Do not attempt final word too early.

  29. Yep I lost on this one too, I think I had 4 -ATCH’s in a row on hard mode

  30. This one felt really poorly designed to me. Usually words with only one unknown slot don't have so many options as -atch did, I guessed I think four knowing -atch and still didn't get it (didn't think of trying swamp to rule out words until after I lost)…watch, patch, hatch, latch, catch, batch, match 😭

  31. Do tubes, fling, champ, and then wordy, you get all your vowels and most of your letters in general and you’re bound to win every time

  32. This day broke my 67 day winning streak! Narrowed it down to MATCH or WATCH on the last guess… and guessed 😑!

  33. Is this the first time Cracking the Cryptic have shared a video where they failed to complete the puzzle?

  34. This is the first one I've ever failed. Came down to watch and match, and I chose match.

  35. Absolutely no idea why this rubbish gets posted.

  36. Damn i failed the same way. It was watch ! Iwent like eeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhHHHHHHHHHHHH

  37. I always start with "adieu" so i can check if how many vowels are there.

  38. This is the one that ended my streak. I got so fk8ng frustrated taht i stopped playing it lol. Played it again yesterday

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