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Wordle in a Minute – August 1st 2022

Cracking The Cryptic
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Starting the day with a smile, Mark tries to do Wordle in sixty seconds or less #Shorts


  1. That missed the perfect opportunity to FROWN on the second word. Still, it worked out well in the end.

  2. "Maybe we should do that every day. Oh No"

  3. Amazing Episode today. Hilarious first word, impressive quart guess

  4. Never use quart in every day life, was kind of blind to the word. But after Sutra it was the only word that fit.

  5. This was the word that made me lose my 142 day streak!

  6. I got it in three as well.
    Tired -> Ultra -> Quart

  7. Ratio –> Smart –> Chart –> –> Apart –> Quart. Was scratching my head after chart and took me a while to even think of apart and then I was thoroughly confused what it could be. It took me a while to even try something with the u.

  8. That was excellent and really well worked out!

  9. My attempt: pilot – cheat – vaunt – quart

  10. I got very lucky with a bunch of yellow letters because this one could've taken me some time if not for those.

  11. You should’ve followed ‘smile’ with ‘frown’

  12. Given your first 2 words, the only other possibility was ABOUT. Well done!

  13. That's a crazy good start, you're only options after the second word were "quart" and "about"

  14. These were possible: 'ducat', 'about', 'ghaut', 'jurat', 'aught', 'curat', 'quart', 'tuart', 'kraut'

    but only ABOUT and QUART are in the answers list

  15. Crane > Shark > Dwarf > Blart > Apart > Quart. Not getting the U early made it really difficult to figure this one out.

  16. I was looking forward to you struggling with this.. but no! You had no problems as usual. 😀 Thanks! Next time bring Simon along for a wordle try – would be cool seeing you solve it side by side starting with the same word!

  17. Very entertaining. I love that you spoke of “deploying” a Q. Thanks for doing these, so fun to watch.

  18. With those guesses, about would have felt more natural as a third guess, but you can't argue with genius. That said, I also did it in three, and ironically my second guess was a homophone (court).

  19. Quart is one of those words I look at and say, "is THAT a word?!". Had "start" and took me forever to recognize the "qu" letter combo.

  20. Lucky-quart. I thought of quartz and took
    Away the z

  21. I guessed Quant over Quart because I hadn’t yet ruled out the n… 🙁

  22. I got it in three also (shirt, alert, quart) — but it took me a full minute to go from word #2 to word #2. Amazing solve, Mark.

  23. This might be more difficult for ppl from countries that use the metric system. (Like every country other than the US and UK…)
    For me, siren-octal-dumpy worked a charm. (No hard mode here)
    Well done, Mark! We've gone from all-green club to all-3 club. ♣

  24. That was impressive! I work in metric so it took me 5 to remember the word. Birth>Trawl>Stare>Apart>Quart

  25. Two days in a row you had quick ones! It’s nice hearing your thoughts lol

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