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Wordle in a Minute – 9th October 2022

Cracking The Cryptic
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Mark starts another triumvirate of opening words today – but can he solve the Wordle in a minute?


  1. You tried the R in the first guess. But bring under a minute time constraint, it’s understandable!

  2. Good solve! First word makes all the difference!

  3. one of the most nail-biting sitting on the edge of the seat solves ever! GG!

  4. This series is just amazing, always good to watch. Perfect use of the so problematic Shorts feature!

  5. I missed this one Last guess was Hobby. I was even wearing my cowboy hat yesterday 😂

  6. 3 of the last 4 games have come down to the final guess… Been a rough streak.
    Incur – Boast – Pokey – Foggy – Woody – Howdy

  7. Excellent solve in the end. its fun to see Mark struggle. I got it in 4 but it was a bit tough. Blade>Muddy>Wordy>Howdy

  8. I almost lost my streak with this one. True hard mode hell 😬

  9. Quite an unexpected word.

  10. I got this in three after BOTCH and HORSE. And in less than a minute for probably the first time ever. So much depends on luck, at least in the first couple of guesses. I remain amazed at your word sense: “it must end in Y” “W must be third”… fascinating. Thanks, Mark.

  11. Howdy dowdy. That was a great but wonky try, almost felt like you were in a slump. 😉

  12. I got this one in 3 but not in hard mode. Route > Snail > Howdy. Only had one letter but this one was probably easier for Americans haha

  13. The confidence turned into panic when it wasn't dowdy and rowdy. Been there

  14. Wordle 477 6/6*


    Honestly didn't think that this would work LOL. Also, we had the same 10 gray letter start haha
    List: ||stern. pluck, audio, moody, dowdy||

  15. Really thought this one would get you. 4 for me, also after wonky

  16. Another american word takes a swipe at the champion

  17. Yet another one that I didn't think of as an actual "word" – Howdy is a little too slang for me to think of in Wordle, and last week there was "dandy" that made me lose. I'll have to keep this in mind for future games 😛

  18. Is DOWDY a common British word? 🤔 I've never heard it before (I did just look it up… maybe just not a word I've come across here in North Carolina). Anyway, I figured HOWDY would be too "slang" for Wordle! It was the third word I thought of, but I didn't try it until later: SPARE -> TOUCH -> HOBBY – HOLLY – HOWDY

  19. Did okay with RINSE -> TOUGH -> HOBBY -> HOWDY 🙂

  20. Howdy: the "cheers" of American slang. Loss of respect for Wordle: -1; respect for Mark: +1 😁

  21. I think the meaning of our saying is lost here, but google suggests this is the translation.
    Haste makes waste.
    Grind -> Dealt -> Moody -> Howdy

  22. Lost my streak 🤬 and even started with Honor!!

  23. ROWDY was wasted guess since R was eliminated by first guess of GREAT

  24. That was a close one. Great job, Mark!

  25. Close one Mark. The people at wordle are trying to trip you up

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