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Wordle in a Minute – 9th February 2023

Cracking The Cryptic
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Mark, trying to get back on the horse – or nyala – and get Wordle done in a minute or less …


  1. Start with Lunar Tomorrow Please Cracking The Cryptic

  2. I did this one in 6 and my second guess was STARE!

  3. Stage, stake, stale and stave were all options. My starting word is stare, and I still only got it in 4.

  4. I got a lucky 2 here. Crypt – Stage

  5. All accepted possible words at the end were STALE, STAGE, STAKE, STAVE, STADE, STANE.

  6. Big fail for me (120 streak broken). Teddy – Cheat – Stale – Stare – Stake – State. Still had Stave as an option too.

  7. Argus – spang – stage, I was lucky this day!

  8. I had a similar start and all the options available too, but for once I tried the right letter first rather than leaving it to my final guess!

  9. Mark’s opening word streak currently:


    Theme: 5-letter mammals, alphabetically

    PANDA is the obvious guess for tomorrow’s word, and strangely I couldn’t find any other options. You’d figure there would be more 5-letter P mammals…

  10. I don't think I'll ever match this amount of luck ever again. Unless I just outright guess the word on my first try. From all black to all green.

  11. Hard mode hell! 4 greens in first guess, finished in 5!
    Only other option was STATE, so with that first guess, I wouldn't be able to fail at least. 😛

  12. Bah! How incredibly lucky. I lucked out today and failed. Lost streak. 😮‍💨

  13. Hit hard mode hell myself, broke my streak at 189. Actually would have been a year+ streak except I went camping off the grid in August.

  14. Got green A and E on first try, then fell into Hard Mode H-e-DoubleHockeySticks until the fifth try.

  15. ooh lucky third guess for you. i managed to guess stake, stale, state before getting stage at the 6th guess.

  16. I got really lucky on this one. I was lying in bed, making myself late for work so I tried Getup as an opener, not really expecting it to be accepted. From there I got it in 2. Getup>Stage

  17. Hard mode heck indeed
    Newly -> Exact -> Trade -> State -> Stave -> Stage

  18. OTTER-STALE-STAGE. Like Mark, a bit lucky on the 3rd guess. Possibly PANDA or PUPPY for tomorrow. Not sure starting with the triple P is wise, so we’ll assume PANDA.

  19. I took me a long time to work my way to STAGE, just made it…


  20. Okapis are probably the most skittish and unpredictable animals… best not to mess with them

  21. I love to see your streak continue! Thanks, Mark.

  22. I can confirm there are at least seven words matching sta_e… I always dtart with stale, and STILL failed yesterday… =_=

  23. I don't think I like you any more… lol – I went through ALL of the possibilities, STARE, STAVE, STAKE, STATE, but STAGE was the last on my list… I lost my streak

  24. mine could have been a third guess as well but for some reason I though of STAVE before STAGE. so 4

    I also got it in three! I don't play in hard mode for days exactly like this though… S_A_E leaves soooo many options with the letters TDHKLCVM. I wasn't even thinking about "G" or "U" before I played CHALK. I usually do try to play as if I'm in hard mode anyway just for fun, but there was no way I was even going to try yesterday. 😂 On days where I have to play an elimination word, I usually try to challenge myself to come up with the best word possible. Maybe there was a better one that used T or V (I don't pay for access to wordlebot and my free trial ended). I just got lucky because it still left STATE, SUAVE and STAVE – all words I just checked & we haven't had yet!

  26. Crane > Plate > Stake > Stave > Stage. For tomorrow there’s perch, potoo and prawn.


    Nothing complicated about this one, though obviously getting that G helped me avoid hard mode hell. I'm coming around to the idea that it's better to get more consonants than vowels early on.

  28. Mark and I have the same streak – losing it on PARER nearly five months ago. The difference is that my1st choices aren't fixed by word sequences so I have an easier time of it.

  29. Pizza — slate — stake — stave — stare — stage. Hard mode heck for sure!

  30. This one defeated me! I was missing the fourth letter and made four wrong guesses before failing! Arrrgggh

  31. Sometimes it's just so easy for you, Mark, it's amazing. And well deserved after Wordle behaved so badly yesterday. 👍

  32. I had the STA and E green with my 4th word, but I still had 3 options I could see. Since I'm not playing hard mode, I used my 5th word to check two of the letters, and since it was neither of them, I confidently put in STATE, only to learn that I hadn't noticed that STAGE was an option…

  33. Crazy, I got in the 5th…ALERT, STEAD. STATE, STAKE, STAGE…. mxm

  34. You could have gone with a T, L, K, V. How "lucky" you chose the G to start……..

  35. Stare is mt starting word so I was immediately in hard mode hell. Got it pretty handily on the fourth guess in the end though.

  36. STAKE and STAVE were possible at the end, lucky you guessed STAGE first!

  37. 65 words remaing after OTTER, 6 words remaining after STEAM (stade, stage, stake, stale, stane, stave), with the answer then being STAGE

  38. I can't believe I lost my streak to this one. 🙁

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