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Wordle in a Minute – 9th August 2023

Cracking The Cryptic
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It’s been a struggle lately to get Wordle done at all, much less in a minute – oh, dear …


  1. Took me six tries as well. Multiple combinations would have worked. Very tricky one

  2. Similar attempt for me, with less fortunate results: THEIR-GAMER-CODER-LOSER-LONER-LOWER. Streak ended. 😢 At least we’ve confirmed the theme. Up next should be TIRED.

  3. I was also at the loser / lover conundrum but at least not in the sixth place. Pays to be positive rather than negative!

  4. Well done mate, very close but u got there 😅

  5. 5 guesses for me
    Music -> Plant -> Below -> Glove -> Lover

  6. Would have been taunting if loser pops up as the word.

  7. Mark’s opening word streak currently:


    Theme: The 5-letter words from “If—“, a poem by Rudyard Kipling

    Shout-out to QIElf, who figured the theme out with just two words! Tomorrow’s word should be TIRED, for “If you can wait and not be tired by waiting”

  8. unfortnately I was also loser and fell victim to the x o x e r

  9. Tough one! What a great dramatic ending.

  10. My sixth guess was a 50/50 choice between LOVER or COVER – guessed correctly, thankfully!

  11. I had in 5: Adios > Porky > Rower > Hover > Lover

  12. I'm glad I managed to avoid hard mode hell on this one.

  13. got lucky with the lover. It would be poetic if it was loser.

  14. I finished with Loner into Lover as well, but luckily l had already ruled out the s before…

  15. Well done. I faced a Loner/Lover conundrum to finish

  16. Oh my goodness that ending got me pooping barfing and crying

  17. That was WONDERFUL!! I got a 5, but went through a whole bunch of LO?ER words before getting there. Starting word: RAISE—has worked very well for me. I use POUTY if there are no letters in RAISE. That’s all of AEIOU & Y. 😉🤪🤓

    Wordle 781 5/6


  18. Excellent! Thanks, Mark! Suspense before breakfast is always a good way to start the morning!

  19. 6 for me also. Thankfully I used ROVER and not ROPER for guess 5 to help eliminate many HMH combinations. Then it was down to MOVER or LOVER.

  20. Tense finish to the video! How does he do it?

  21. Got it in 3; avoiding the heck: SNORT > ROUGH > LOVER

  22. I had the same conundrum at the end and wasn't as lucky.

  23. I got this in two! I just healed from a fight with my boyfriend, so due to my mindset I went HEALS -> LOVER


    Thankfully, I remembered LOSER had been the answer before. Didn't keep me out of Hard Mode Hell, though.

  25. Glad to see you got that one Mark. I presume they gave us LOVER to offset yesterday's BULLY.

    BOWER was a good guess for hard mode I reckon. Rules out a lot of possibilities.

    I had a very similar position after CODER 3rd. I don't play in hard mode and I worked out that BRAWL would be my best 4th guess as B, W and L were some of the most common letters in the remaining possible answers.

  26. Cost me my streak with "LOWER" being my 6th guess

  27. The first time I lost the word was "loser." The word loser appeared in the little black boxand I thought wordle was calling me a "loser'.

  28. LOSER has been the word before and I’ll never forget because it broke my longest streak. I thought the game was calling me a loser for a second before I realized that it was telling me the answer.

  29. Would have been hilarious if it said loser

  30. have you played connections by the ny times

  31. Lol, me yelling at the screen, LOVER LOVER LOVER (as if he could hear me).😂

  32. When you nearly changed to LOSER at the last second I was thinking "NOOOOOOOO!" 😂

  33. Mark has to decide if he's a Lover or a Loser…
    And apparently it goes without saying that he's a Loner, lol.

  34. One the the best Wordle commentaries from you there Mark. Well done.
    More fun than getting it in 2
    (I didn't)

  35. beautiful message we are not losers. i got this is three. my taylor swift knowledge paying off again lol

  36. [turn 3]
    hOVER? ok 4 greens
    mOVER? no
    rOVER? no, ygbfkm
    LOVER thank god, I hate this game sometimes

  37. I didn't remember any of the answers you did, but I did remember when Wordle called me a LOSER. 🤣🤣
    I got this in 3, thanks to my standard starting word "vomit", and one brain lapse where I tried the past tense "loved". 😝😝

  38. Any one else watch to see him fail or is it just me

  39. Don't worry, Mark, no matter what the answer is you're no loser. Whether you're a lover is not for me to decide 😻

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