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Wordle in a Minute – 9th April 2023

Cracking The Cryptic
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Sometimes Wordle just stretches itself out over a bit more than a minute …


  1. Don’t remember my word order but I only got it by using ever left over word combos on try 6. I feel like snafu shouldn’t be a wordle word.

  2. Mark, it is like they are trying to break your streak. Who would even think of SNAFU?

  3. I also tried snack before snafu, and had a very similar reaction to both words

  4. Is SNAFU ever in common use in the US? I don't think so!

  5. Mark’s opening word streak currently:


    Theme: 5-letter trees, alphabetically

    I’m having a hard time finding I and J trees – I yields no good ones, the best this I could find for J is JUDAS for Judas-tree or JELLY for jelly palm, and I don’t know if I’d really count them.

  6. RIP my streak. What an obscure word😅 I was literally trying every combination of remaining letters after gettin SNA— down. Was not SNABS nor SNAWS

  7. I had ratio –> suave and was absolutely stumped so I tried some combinations and got to shaul as an accepted word (no idea what it means, haven't come across it before as a non-native English speaker). And to my surprise the u wasn't in the correct position. I actually tried snafu just as a joke guess, because I thought it was an acronym and didn't think it was actually a word. Surprised to see it was accepted.

  8. 5 guesses for me
    Ideal -> Umbra -> Haunt -> Uncap -> Snafu

  9. It’s been some time since I last played Wordle, but one of my most common starting words was snafu lol
    Would’ve been awesome

  10. Very hard word – since it is really an acronym. TANJ. I got SNA very quickly with ENTRY SNACK (I always try and have my second word start with 'S') and SNAIL then stuck: tried SNASH before SNAFU.

  11. Got this in 4 started with man my memory is bad lol I had an F and the U if I hadn’t had the f I doubt I would’ve gotten this kept shifting it puffy was my second guess then a word that had an a I knew U was first or last snafu came to me but in a “I’ve never written this word is that how it’s spelled?”

  12. SNAFU bothered me. It’s a US Army acronym for “Situation Normal All Fouled Up”. It was in a field manual, I swear. There’s an alternate for “Fouled” but you get the meaning. It became a word because language evolves. It would be interesting to see archivists looking at Wordle 500 years from now.

  13. WTFIS? (Yes, I got it 5 too, but had to google it, as it's not in Chambers or Oxford!).

  14. NYT really should not have had this in their solution list. Too uncommon and too informal

  15. This is a terrible word. I got it in five, but I had SNA_ _ for ages before I thought of SNAFU. Even then, I didn't expect it to be right.

  16. I didn't even know it was a word. Fortunately I went from SLIME(i thought of isekai anime) to SUPRA(vroom vroom) and having 1 green + 2 yellows at turn 2 is good. So I got it after SAUVE and STAUN.

  17. German guy here!
    When I did this I had no idea this is a word. Fortunately for me though there were no other options so I got this in the last try by guessing…
    A bit cheaty but what else could I do when I don’t even have any more ideas for the word.

  18. nyt puzzle people that manage wordle have made a SNAFU

  19. an appropriate FUBAR would have been a good starting word

  20. A very tough word indeed. I think I've seen it once before and I wasn't even sure it was a real word until I tried it.

  21. CRYPT – FLASH – STAFF – SNAFU: I know STAFF was bad because I already used the T, but it gave me 3 greens, so I can't complain too much. I hadn't even considered SNAFU would be Wordle-acceptable as a word, since it's an acronym (or at least started as one), but it was the only thing left that would fit. When I saw this word yesterday, I was scared that it would be a streak-killer for a lot of people. Mark got lucky with SNACK.

  22. Guava was a great start on this one for me, placing the A and giving the U to get it in 3

  23. We forget sometimes that there are acronym origins for some now-familiar words, such as radar, scuba, laser. Snafu is surely the most obscure of those, I would think. Well done, Mark, and no surprise! Thanks for taking the time to do this video every day. Love it!

  24. I did try snack but after that I was lost. It was my first time encountering the word snafu ever

  25. Got this one in 3 but only because I read a spoiler in the comments section the day before 🙁

  26. I only got it by trial and error – I couldn't find a single word that fitted what I had. I do think that was a poor one though – its not really a word.


    I was genuinely surprised when SNAFU worked. I felt like that was a stretch.

  28. Not a UK English word! I don't feel NYT should use obscure US words like this, spoils the fun…. Some early luck with SNAIL meant I was soon able to be in a position of cycling through all the remaining letters to a solution, but not ideal!

  29. It was a strange word choice for Easter Sunday.

  30. SNORT -> SNAIL -> SNAKE -> SNAFU. Really surprised this was allowed in the NYT word list, as I thought they had culled any vulgar/offensive terms, and anyone who knows the word at all knows what the F stands for.

  31. Got this in four, AUDIO -> UNPAY -> KNAUR -> SNAFU, where the last two words were found using brute force. As a non native English speaker I've never heard of them. Apparently those last two were the only valid options left after the second guess .

  32. Actually got this one in two FLANK to SNAFU.

  33. I actually got this in two, and I have no idea where it came from.


  34. I refuse to acknowledge the existence of Snafu as an actual word. I got this in 4 guesses, but i had to look it up cuz i had run out of options.

  35. So Wordle has an answer with the "f" word disguised in it… now I've seen it all.
    No snafus with recording today, though. Yay!
    Thanks for the video, Mark. Love to see you get the word then doubt yourself before finally plugging it in to get all green. 👏👏

  36. SNAFU is an acronym! When playing Spelling Bee puzzles, acronyms are excluded, which is why I don't understand it's allowed in Wordle puzzles. Someone please explain the difference of these conditions to me.

  37. I LUCKED up! OPINE> SNUCK >SNAFU. There was only one possible option according to the bot but it took me ages to sort it through. Mark's the goat!

  38. Yeah this one took me a long time bc i simply didn’t know the word snafu; and it was the only option remaining by the last guess. What does it mean?

  39. Why wouldn’t it take quack? It’s a word. Wordle would allow it.

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