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Wordle in a Minute – 8th May 2023

Cracking The Cryptic
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Another try at getting Wordle done in a minute or less today


  1. I was left stumped after my first guess INGOT, then GLOOM, and finally AGLOW

  2. Even though I had 3 yellow letters, this still felt pretty lucky.

  3. Mine was MIGHT – GRAPE – AGONY – AGLOW

  4. spent all 6 guesses, AFLOW-ALLOW-AGLOW was the last three…
    as long as it's done I guess

  5. My streak apparently doesn't matter because even though I've solved it for a long time every single day under the NYT account it keeps resetting my streak for no reason (and somehow keeping the rest of my stats). Quality coding there, NYT.

  6. Can't remember the first word, but the second word was "AFLOW." Okay, not the best word, i haven't used that word in years, but now i only had to guess the second letter. Easy peasy, "ABLOW." Chosing this word which i only heard as a child when my neighbor said his apple fields were all ablow." What a stupid thing to remember, but it was 3 in the morning. It was now a "get out of of bed and just walk away" time.

    Came back 10 minutes later and entered the word i knew was the answer, and I would have bet the house on it. You see I'm beyond awesome on this game <sarc>. "ALLOW", it couldn't be anything else, only "ALLOW."

    Okay, get up again and walk away…and don't cry this time, it's only a stupid game.

    If I didnt get it on this, the fifth try, i would officially declare this game to be totally asinine, but maybe that was really one of my fortes in life.

    Okay, "AGLOW." I have no idea why i used the second and thitd word, but I lived to fight another day. Played over 300 time and just happy to have a surging streak of 16. I am so awesome…and take great pride in my humility.

  7. Broke my streak on this one. 'Allow' into 'Aflow' for my final two guesses. Didn't think of 'Aglow'

  8. I thought aglow was a bit off the beaten track as a word. Thanks, Mark, fun as always.

  9. STARE -> LOCAL -> AGLOW for me, good one 🙂

  10. SPARE -> MATCH -> AUDIO -> ANNOY -> AGLOW (😂 I was certain it would be "annoy" or "alloy" and was a bit stumped for a while when that y came up grey!)


    I had to blink a few times after ALLOW, to clear the brain fuzz and find that final letter.

  12. “Crumbs!” 😂😂😂😂

    Just a fellow American 🇺🇸 laughing at British slander

  13. Lost my streak. Didnt even know aglow was a word

  14. I got lucky GUEST, CIGAR, AGLOW. I was surprised and aglow with happiness at getting a very rare 3.

  15. I bested Mark. My main starting word was all grey, so I tried my oldest second word. Yep, it was the answer. 😅

  16. I died a little when Mark said "OW" can't be at the end. Of course he got it in 5 anyway. 👏👏
    Congrats on a difficult word, Mark! 🥳

  17. I lost for that one my final word was between aflow and aglow and I chose aflow 🙁

  18. I don’t know how to describe this but your video looks like an ad made to look like a short

  19. i cant be mad at my 5 score cause i did aglow before allow

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