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Wordle in a Minute – 8th June 2023

Cracking The Cryptic
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It’s time to try and and get Wordle done in a minute again – if possible!


  1. With your start – on your 3rd guess I was screaming for “CHORD” 😊 But turned out COMBO was better.

  2. Got it in thre myself got the R and the U and luckily went for Crumb

  3. Mark’s opening word streak currently:


    Theme: 5-letter movie titles, alphabetically

    X truly has nothing to work with, so for Y there’s YANKS and YOUTH. I think most Z movies are not Wordle words, so tomorrow might be the end of this streak

  4. Recovered for a 4 after a weak start. Awoke>Strip>Churl>Crumb

  5. BERTH to SCRUB to CRUMB. It took me embarrassingly long to figure out the final letter

  6. Imagining Mark’s opening phrase without context: “I’ve heard of wings but only because it’s a quiz answer”. Like, the concept of wings?

  7. I actually got it in two!!
    Mouse -> Crumb

    Wish I could say it was skill, but it was definitely just dumb luck. 😂

  8. the solution is never a plural, no point in starting with WING-S

  9. COMBO turned out to be the perfect guess. What is going on in Mark's brain when he says things like "I want to start with a C for some reason" and turns out to be right?

  10. Mark saying crumbs at the end reminded me of penfold from dangermouse 😂

  11. I guessed in the last guess and i was really suprised it was right because i had hardly any green or yellow letters.

  12. I got lucky starting with a C word and kept adding to it until I got it.

  13. VENOM-MARCH-CRUMB. There is one X movie which is also a word — Xenia (2014). If Mark isn’t familiar with that one, then Youth may be next (Michael Caine movie from 2015).

  14. I had a lucky 2nd guess of BROIL after TAKEN gave nothing to get it in 3.

  15. Mark's favorite cuss word (for on-air use anyway) — "crumbs!" So I was expecting him to get this instantly! Really hard, though, when the only vowel is U and there's an unusual consonant cluster at the end.

  16. So enjoyable! Thanks for these daily treats!


    Pretty straightforward.

  18. That "crumb" at the end sounded like a curse word! (Also could have been Scrub…)

  19. SPARE -> TRICK -> CROWN -> CRUMB (that took me a few minutes to think of 😅)

  20. Got it in 5: ROUGH > DRUMS > TRUMP > BRUME > CRUMB

  21. Very Happy with this one. Got it in three. My first ever. SMOUT MUNCH CRUMB

  22. Yeah, for once I did it in less than Mark, champagne! 🎉

  23. Almost got hard moded.
    Auger – Fruit – Drunk – Crush – Crumb
    Impressive intuition wanting to start with C as your only yellow letter, I probably would have gone with Butch or Botch at that point.

  24. On the edge of my seat with this video… hilarious ending, well played!! 🤣🥳👏🎇
    For me, possibly the most British route I've taken yet. (Other than my standard starting word): vomit > mealy > frump > crumb

  25. I tried starting with a C today – didn't work.

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