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Wordle in a Minute 8th April 2023

Cracking The Cryptic
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Another location – another attemot to get Wordle done in a minute or less …


  1. This one drove me bonkers! I had such unfortunate guesses and lost my streak -which wasn't that long but still, it was annoying!

  2. I do wonder, wouldn't it be better/safer to forgo getting it in 5 and just guess "lacks" for the info on the fifth?

    In any case great series, I'm hooked.

  3. Mark’s opening word streak currently:


    Theme: 5-letter trees, alphabetically

    As Anne Mahoney said yesterday, I think HAZEL or HOLLY are the most likely opening words for tomorrow

  4. Now I wonder if tomorrow will be a word that rhymes with ledge… HEDGE! More likely it's HAZEL or HOLLY though.

  5. I reckon tomorrow's video won't be under a minute.

  6. 3 guesses on this one for me
    Trade -> Budge -> Ledge

  7. Didn't get stumped on the repeated E this time, but that's mainly because I ran out of any other vowels.


    Bit of luck getting that L locked in before Hard Mode Hell became possible.

  9. I got LE and the last E but could not go any further. After my exciting triumph of a couple of days ago, I lost my streak. Such is the up-and-down world of Wordle.😢

  10. Another example of you bringing success from a very unlikely opening word! Thanks, Mark.

  11. Wow. Terrible luck. I got it in 3. Stale, delve, ledge

  12. Took me 5 as well…

  13. My solve path was very similar to Mark’s, Guava > Sprig > Boggy > Wedge > Ledge.

  14. Mark's amazing luck continues! After WEDGE I would probably have taken SEDGE and, knowing me, I would probably have put in HEDGE even after having already eliminated the H. (My actual path: shirt, alone, fudgy, ledge — avoiding the hard-mode trap, but then I'm not brave enough to play hard mode anyway.)

  15. I got to LE__E and then I had hard time figuring ledge, trying words that are acceptable, but are not in expected-answer dictionary (LEVEE, LEARE, LEFTE)

  16. Well done again, Mark! I got stuck in hard mode hell, but managed to get it in 6 tries (for the 3rd day in a row)…
    I thought it would be HEDGE, given that you're doing trees, but nope.
    I think I enjoy your videos much more than Wordle itself. 😉❣

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