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Wordle in a Minute – 7th October 2022

Cracking The Cryptic
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Attacking Wordle yesterday to try and get in done in a minute again – you will be able to predict tomorro’s starting word by now perhaps …


  1. Nice. This is why for hard mode consonants are way more important than vowels. The average number of guesses might increase, but the streak is easier to maintain.

  2. I suffered this one.
    Started candy first and had to go through 6 goes before I got it 😭
    That was way too close 😭😭😭
    Candy – Handy – Pandy – Sandy – Gandy – Dandy
    Hard mode hits hard today

  3. I'm glad I found the more helpful D first. Don't think it left me with many other options.

  4. With 3 guesses left I went for candy, bandy, randy and lost another streak to hardmode

  5. 6 for me, choice of dandy or randy for the last guess.

  6. POUCH ( which was handy!) , NASTY , RANDY, BANDY, DANDY. think I might have tried Landy which was disallowed ? (cannot remember !)

  7. 5 guesses, which certainly is…
    Point -> Nears -> Fancy -> Handy -> Dandy

  8. Two days in a row I’ve gotten nothing on my first two guesses. Statistically that’s quite impressive.

  9. I lost my streak… my last 4 guesses were windy-candy-sandy-bandy

  10. I think I know what your first guess will be tomorrow. This keeps getting funner! Thanks, Mark.

  11. "DALLY, DAFFY, DASHY and DAPPY ended the streak… should've recognized my first name in the word.

  12. Forget what I came down to but on guess six I guessed Dandy because it felt more wordley lol

  13. Lost my streak on this one for the bogus reason that I didn't get a chance to play yesterday at all — meow! But we try again.

  14. Went to guess six myself. I forgot the double letter.

  15. Oh, there are more! Gandy and mandy were accepted too 🙁

  16. 5 for me. Luckily I has already greyed out 4 of the *ANDY consonents before I got in the trap. Whack>Paler>Bandy>Sandy>Dandy

  17. Sharply cut off, but we'll still tune in tomorrow! (Nice wallpaper, btw, I love florals)
    My path: VOMIT > SPAKE > BOUGH (flipping hard mode the bird) > DWARF > DANDY
    Kind of remarkable, given 2 yellows & a green.
    Your guesses are quite remarkable, Mark, especially in 60 seconds or less. Amazing solve! Well done!!

  18. Hard mode made me lose this one 🙁 I don't even remember what words I tried, but there were 3 of them, all because I kept thinking "dandy isn't a word, it's something you put after handy to make a Ned Flanders style rhyme"

  19. idk how come, but i got it in 3
    Weary -> Antsy -> Dandy

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