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Wordle in a Minute – 7th May 2023

Cracking The Cryptic
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And so we start a new sequence of opening words, whilst still trying to get Wordle done in a minute or less, in Hard Mode


  1. It could have been thorn, phony,chomp,choir,etc

  2. I started with 'doubt' and i remember getting an L with another guess. Then I found 'ghoul'!

  3. 2 for me too and it was a complete surprise. My first only gave me the H.

  4. Mark’s opening word streak currently:


    Theme: ???

    My first instinct was that this streak would be “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”, but I don’t think that caught on in the UK. Maybe this will have to do with the coronation?

    EDIT: Was just informed that Whose Line started in the UK, so uhhh

  5. Ghoul was my opening word for weeks until some time ago, should’ve stuck with it 😅

  6. Got it in three putting Ghost second weird word

  7. WHOSE

    Unless someone has a better sequence.


    Also got it in two, I always start with SLOTH. Also 3rd May I got in two as well from SLOTH -> HORDE.

  9. My guess for the sequence of words will be homophones
    Who's and whose?
    Their and there
    Mark will pick one or the other

  10. so many people getting this one in 2!! That was me as well (GHOST, GHOUL) 👻

  11. I got it in two as well. I thought I'd be beating Mark on this one. I started with GHOST, so it was pretty easy after that.

  12. I searched Google for “Change thumbnail on YouTube short” and found a number of sites that provided instructions for doing so. Other shorts have custom thumbnails, so it’s definitely possible.

  13. Not the most common word but I only had one option left after GROUP.

  14. I also got this one in two but mine was Ghost and Ghoul

  15. I struggled with this one….

    But in the end Harry Potter (the weasleys ghoul) came to the rescue 😂

  16. I really don't care about the thumbnail. 🤷‍♀️ I already know what the word is because I played it the day before. Surely most people who are watching these have as well? I don't know why people would care unless they really want to be surprised about what your next guesses will be. I'm just watching for your reactions or commentary as you go along! 😊 SPARE -> TOUCH -> GHOUL

  17. I simply love these. Love them. Thanks, Mark.

  18. Mark solves it in 2. His immediate reaction isn't excitement but rather about how to display the thumbnail. What a gem.

  19. If you wanted another word with a vowel I suppose “CHOIR” would’ve worked too. So today was definitely a good break!


    Mostly just going through letters that could precede the H.

  21. Nice! I also got it 2, but after a full gray guess on first with STARE. 😀

  22. Crane > Dough > Ought > Ghoul. Having almost all yellow on my second guess and then still all the same letters being yellow on the third guess threw through a loop at first.

  23. Journey to Ixtlan [Population: ONE VR] says:

    YouTube only makes a thumbnail if you don't bother.

  24. I struggled with this one but did manage to solve it logically (that is, without searching my dictionary): SHIRT, ALONE, WHOLE, GHOUL. Took about 5 minutes, maybe a bit more.

  25. my second guess that day was Ghost for no good reason. Got it in three. 🙂

  26. You cheated again. Don't make it so obvious, man

  27. Ghoul is always my second guess… Yet for some reason i didnt use it yesterday. I was beating myself up so much

  28. Nice play, Mark! I got lucky with a u and h first — Brush, Human, Ghoul.

  29. 🤣🤣and that's Wordle in 10 seconds 🤣🤣
    What's going on? Probably 99% genius, 1% luck. Awesome solve, Mark, looking forward to the new theme of starting words. 👏👏👋👋

  30. If not for tons of evidence that mark is a genius, I would swear he was cheating sometimes on these. He just has a sixth sense for the words on days like this.

  31. I got track in 2 the other day and I have gotten 6 2's

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