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Wordle in a Minute – 7th June 2023

Cracking The Cryptic
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The danger is always there that one may slip into Hard Mode Heck – one letter to do, many possibilities remaining …


  1. I got it in three:

  2. Lost my streak on this one…but as Nanny did for me last week, I was not too upset!

  3. Started with SLICE then went to BERTH. those four yellows allowed me to get it in 3.

  4. Mark’s opening word streak currently:


    Theme: 5-letter movie titles, alphabetically

    I can’t find any well known 5-letter movies beginning with U or V, so my guess for W is WINGS (the first ever Best Picture winner in the Academy Awards, all the way back in 1927!). If “The” movies are accepted (and they haven’t been so far), maybe WHALE

  5. First time ive got one in 2 guesses. Started with 'haste'

  6. You could have tried lymph on 4th attempt, eliminating the possibilities of hater, pater, mater and later (all that you've suggested). Similar strategy can be applied whenever there is just one letter left and there are many possibilities.

  7. Yeah, this was hard mode hell indeed. After ratio I tried later as second guess, and I basically had a whole lot of possibilities left after that. Went with water and cater before getting hater on the 5th try.

  8. Got lucky and got it in 3! So glad wordle wasn't a hater yesterday and i was able to hit my 400 day streak!

  9. I was doomed from the beginning — Segue, Event, Crate, Tread, Later, Water. Number 59 for me…😢

    I had 2 anagrams before arriving at the word

  11. Lost my streak due to hard mode hell -ATER 🙁

  12. You could always make a word with the remaining options and like that you save on guessed

  13. After my 1st guess there were apparently 11 possible *ATER words available. Luckily I got it early. Taser>Later>Hater

  14. SPARE -> TREAD -> EARTH -> HATER (a very yellow board 😅)

  15. I almost lost my 110-streak on that one!

    stare -> after -> later -> water -> cater -> hater

    I figured that pater and mater would be Latin for father and mother. But there were also other words like dater, eater, gater, oater, rater and tater.

  16. Jepp, hard mode heck.
    I lost the streak…
    Later – Water – Cater – Mater…
    I thought of Hater but I somehow eliminated it because of its negativity (yeah, no logic there)

  17. I was pretty lucky to get the H in place really quick.

  18. Taylor swift getting mentioned in wordle in a minute was not on my bingo card 😂

  19. Got lucky on my first guess as I had the H to help avoid HMH. REACH->SHEAR->HATER

  20. Love your commentary, and very glad hard mode heck did not bite your streak! Thanks, Mark.

  21. Some of y’all are scared to guess a word that has no letters in the final in order to eliminate them. I got to ATER and instead of choosing every prefix option I chose NIGHT to help narrow down


    (Still had WATER and TATER to go, so could have failed in the trap)

  23. day 5 of my phpht streak incredible lucky day cause of the H


  24. And the haters gonna hate hate hate 🎵🎶 😂

  25. Same "heck" here: SNORT > TRACE > LATER > WATER > HATER


    A fortuitous day for me to decide to change up my starting word. Immediately got four yellows, three of which then became green. Didn't take long to recognize the answer after that (although HAVER was probably still an option).

  27. 😂 I’m wondering if Mark just knew the Taylor swift song or maybe his daughter played it for him one time

  28. When you get to that spot like you did where there's 1 letter left and multiple options, why not try a word like Phial, which has 3 of the options – P, H, and L… Then it'll highlight one or none of them and you either have the answer or more information without a guess wasted to eliminate only 1 letter.

  29. Could have gotten it in two but got it in four. SMOUT –> LATER –> WATER –> HATER

  30. flunk cHimp bATHE HATEd HATER. Been a tricky few days – pleased to survive them.

  31. I feel like after Ennui, Nanny, and Jazzy, this was a subtle insult at people that weren't happy with those words lol

  32. Taylor Swift to the rescue as usual haha 🙂

  33. Was lucky to try WATER in first word. and then WATER –> LATER –> HATER

  34. Got through the trio of JAZZY, NANNY, and ENNUI, all to lose it on HMH with HATER. ;( NYT being mean in June!

  35. Got this one on the final one – nearly lost my… 4 word streak XD NANNY did me in a few days ago

  36. i tried, water – later – eater – rater and failed 🙁

  37. A good movie, and an excellent solve! You handled HMH like a champion 👏👏👏

  38. Was not expecting a Taylor Swift reference. 😂

  39. PATER and MATER? Seriously, man? Those are straight-up Latin, even if British schoolboys in the 19th century didn't pronounce them that way! I'd be very surprised if Wordle accepted them. (I got this one in 3, myself — SHIRT, EARTH, HATER. Very odd to get a green and 4 yellows and have to come up with an anagram.)

  40. A righteous solve Mark. The NYT are doing everything they can to trip you up, but you come back stronger each and every day!

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