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Wordle in a Minute – 7th April 2023

Cracking The Cryptic
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A locationally challenged Wordle in a Minute (and therefore with dodgy audio!)


  1. Ficus eliminated focus as well so couldn't be much better

  2. Incredibly swift solve. Wordle in 9 seconds, more like it!

  3. It's so impressive that you've actually kept this amazing series up for so long, given that there's no way to even pre-record! No one is allowed to mind when you record from a suboptimal location occasionally 🙂

  4. Not my prettiest solve.

  5. people suggest starting words? are we sure they're not being cheeky knowing the answer when they suggest them? some of these times you've mentioned it was a suggested starting word seem suspicious

  6. Fagus, for the beech tree, would have been more obvious to me, but less good in result, I suppose.

  7. Mark’s opening word streak currently:


    Theme: 5-letter trees, alphabetically

    GUAVA could work for the G tree, it’s the name of the tree as well as the fruit. GORSE is another, less known option

  8. Good start tree! Took me longer: EARNT/DOUGH/BOLUS/LOCUS (I didn't expect it to be bolus or locus, thought of both at turn 3, and preferred the b slightly over the c)

  9. I in the end had to choose between LOTUS and LOCUS. I had hoped so much we got another plant-related word

  10. I wasn’t so lucky but I got it pretty easily as well. Leaky, Lions, Locus.

  11. Thanks for the daily Wordle no matter from where, Mark. And you got locus in two! I was kind of hoping for more of a journey to see how you thought about it, but I’m thankful for your sake given your surroundings that you did not have an episode of Wordle In Ages to bring us!


    Sounds like a dinner party in the background. Or a restaurant, perhaps.

  13. SPARE -> WHISK -> DUSTY -> BONUS -> FOCUS -> LOCUS (The degree of confidence I had playing my 4th ans 5th guesses was embarrassing lol… I was so sure BONUS was it. Then I was equally sure FOCUS was the answer! Out of 441 games, that was my 19th time needing all 6 guesses 😅)

  14. I knew when I saw the ficus recommendation and the answer that you would have fun with this one.

  15. Wordle seems to agree with Trees. This is the second 2 word answer you have gotten in the category of Trees. YAY! ^_^

  16. How fitting that LOCUS is in a different LOCATION!

  17. Nice! I've only got 1 wordle in 2 and it was starting off with Tread and getting straw.

  18. Oh come on, Mark! Pretend to struggle a little for the normal humans! 😂😂

  19. I also got this in two! Ran "scale" first and then tried "locus" next to try different locations for my yellows and new vowels. Pleasant surprise.

  20. Am pretty convinced the NY Times has caught on too this channel…

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