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Wordle in a Minute – 6th May 2023

Cracking The Cryptic
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Here’s another attempt at getting Wordle done in a Minute – and we reach the end of our word chain


  1. i can't believe the ladder is over… where to next

  2. Mark’s opening word streak in full:


    Theme: Word Ladder – every day, one letter changes

  3. How fitting, what was all yellow just last week is now all green

  4. I got hard mode hell on this one. Thankfully got there in 6. Tower>Layer>Asker>Amber>Auger>Anger

  5. This one should've ended in 3. BLACK, MAYOR, ANGER. Strictly better than FAVOR, end in ER much more likely than AR.

  6. It's the first time watching Mark's videos and I get the answer before him!! 🥳 (I'm not a native speaker and terrible with letters in general)

  7. Actually in two: ENTRY –> ANGER. First two of current 24 streak.

  8. Love the Daily wordles Mark ❤ keep’em comming 👍

  9. I think there were other options, but I was deciding between AMBER and ANGER and I was pretty sure amber had been the word before.

  10. I had a relatively easy time with this one (especially for a word starting with a vowel): SPARE -> CREAM -> EARTH -> ANGER

  11. BLACK-TAMER-ANGER. We don’t even have a hint as to what tomorrow’s starting word will be.

  12. I had all yellow letters before getting it, including 5 yellows in my 3rd turn before finding anger on the 4th turn…

  13. I got this one in 3 guesses
    Alone -> Ashen -> Anger

  14. I enjoyed the word ladder. I got this one in two guesses with words that stuck to an unpleasant theme: HATER / ANGER.

  15. Black > Range > Anger, seeing my second guess go all yellow was pretty funny.


    I had just mentioned the other day how weird it feels to see a word give you all the right letters in all the wrong places.

  17. Got this in one, and I never will get it in one again. My starting word.

  18. I got a full anagram for I think the third time ever for me. My guesses were GHOST, BLING, and then RANGE which gave me all five yellow, which is always highly amusing for me.

  19. You say that you are ending your streak already, but you don't have to! Blank would work tomorrow, as would block

  20. Got it in 2: SNORT > ANGER. Like Mark, I had already guessed ANGER a few days ago when the answer was RANGE.

  21. Very lucky 2 for me yesterday! PAVED – ANGER

  22. I got this one in 3: SHIRT, ALONE, ANGER.

    I like word ladders: another one of these would be fun. They can be hard in 5 letters, though: not as much flexibility as you have with 4-letter words.

  23. Thanks for these videos I look forward to them they're fun and educational.

  24. I had a very different opening but I also tried auger before getting anger.

  25. Argh, I also tried AUGER before ANGER. But, it left me angry, unlike Mark. hee hee
    Also took me 6 tries. If I had lost, I was going to give up on Wordle and just keep watching Mark solve them. It's a lot more fun that actual Wordle anyway. 😁😁
    See you tomorrow!!

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