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Wordle in a Minute – 5th May 2023

Cracking The Cryptic
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Nearly finished on the word ladder – but can Mark finish Wordle today in a minute or less?


  1. A lucky 2 for me – started with WRIST and then somehow thought of BELOW before the more obvious ELBOW.

  2. I got the starting word as one of 6 possibilities yesterday! I'll make it just one today. Let's go with slick

  3. 5 guesses on this one
    Micro -> Often -> Elope -> Hovel -> Below

  4. Well done! Another very lucky guess. I opted for melon and ended up with a 4. Voter>Slope>Melon>Below

  5. I took five – not my proudest moment. Any other starting word than BLACK tomorrow? (FLACK?, CLACK? just to annoy us?)

  6. Melon was indeed an option.

  7. Mark’s opening word streak currently:


    Theme: Word Ladder – every day, one letter changes

    Tomorrow is probably BLACK. I don’t think it particularly good word ladder etiquette to change the same letter twice in a row, so probably no SLACK>CLACK>BLACK shenanigans

  8. If repeat letters are to be avoided, common words left include REPLY, NEWLY, FELON, MELON, BELOW, LEMON, LEMUR. Maybe others depending on your definition of "common"!

  9. Is there a clip of him failing? His record isn't 100%

  10. I love these Wordle in a Minutes. Thanks, Mark.

  11. I find doing a double letter in the specific situation you were in to be fine i.e. early on a yellow letter, as it often guarantees finding it as well as ruling out/confirming the double letter. Obviously the wrong idea for yesterday though XD

  12. Got it in 5 after guessing both BELLY and BELCH before BELOW. 😛

  13. I narrate as if though I'm you every single time I do the Wordle

  14. SLACK-WHILE-LOWER-BELOW. An all-yellow day for me. Time to see how BLACK works for today’s Wordle.

  15. SPARE -> BLEND -> BEVEL -> BELOW (I had a hard time thinking of BELOW… mind was a completely blank for hours! Which is funny because I've used it as 3rd guess many times 😅 I must have played SPARE, BLEND, BELOW at least 3 or 4 times. Ah well.)

  16. Second time this week I worked myself up to an anagram of the correct answer: SNORT > POUCH > WIDOW > ELBOW > BELOW

  17. A routine 4, nothing interesting…

  18. This one was harder for me than Guppy. Only had an e for the first three guesses, then Belly, and finally, Below.


    No special reason I chose BELOW, other than just trying to shuffle the O around. Worked out well.

  20. I was thinking of HELOT for the third guess. It wouldn't have been right, but would set me up for a right guess fourth or fifth.

  21. And again the answer just pops out. 👏👏
    You know, people are supposed to be either good at numbers or words, not both. This is why I love CTC so much. 💖💖
    For me, I had the E and O, and tried DECOR thinking surely that was it in 3. *sigh* Then tried FELON, thinking "another first rate word"….
    Well, 5 is better than 6, I guess.
    See you tomorrow, Mark!!

  22. I loved the Phistomefel recognition in this one

  23. No question you cheat. You come miraculously with the answer without many clues. What a fake

  24. I thought about lemur for the third guess

  25. First time I've ever beaten you to the word. I think you saying belly pushed me to it.

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