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Wordle in a Minute 5th March 2022

Cracking The Cryptic
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Mark takes on another “Hard Mode” Wordle – can he keep his streak going? #Shorts


  1. Not suspicious at all since theres so many more common bri-e words like bride you dont just think of brine randomly like that cheater

  2. Mark should do Octordle, would love to see him get trough that in a minute.

  3. I'm at 52/52 in hard mode, however I'm not doing them in a minute – more like 1-3 minutes:)

  4. Yeah this and today's definitely had a lot of different possibilities that took a few tries!

  5. i had 4 letters on the first guess. although it did take me 3 more guesses to get the right word. it's not a very common word is it

  6. Just plain luck for me with this one. Got it on the second guess.

  7. I was quite lucky guessing "prank" and "trend" – it took some thought, but "brine" might be the only word that fits at that point. Cheers!

  8. This video reminded me that I have to look up with Brine means. I got it by pure elimination.

  9. Steal, Crime and Drive

    I think Mark's planning a bank heist

  10. wow, i guessed grime before brine and thought it was a shame, having 3 guesses with 3 letters right is kinda epic

  11. Ive' got to say I'm not a fan of these, they just clog the feed for no real value, just trying to take advantage of some hype. Who really cares if you guess a word in two or three goes?

  12. My starting ARIEL also took me some extra rows despite the promising start.

  13. one of those where so many words would fit the green

  14. I always start with CRIME, then did exactly the same as you! How about that

  15. I got lucky guessing the Wordle in 4 tries, but what are the best starting words? I like OPERA, AUDIT & BATCH, but I think you can only use 1 of them and hope for 2 vowels or 1 vowel + 1 consonant. If you only get 1 right you need another word with different vowels. With OPERA I would have gotten the E+R at the wrong locations. With AUDIT only I at wrong location and with BATCH I would be lucky to have the B at the right location. If I would ghave all the 3 words then my result would be B at the start and relocating E,R and I. I probably would put the I at 3rd position, and ER at the end giving me B – I R E and that would not have made a proper word as it would be a word with BL or BR. Then B R I – E would have been a better guess. Since the D and T from AUDIT are not in there, BRIDE and BRITE would be wrong. I would choose BRIBE next and for the BRINE and BRIKE i would have to look on the net.

  16. I guessed that in two, starting word I used was, Aisle

  17. I also got stuck on the "-ri-e" step for a couple rounds. I tried "crime" and "gripe" before finally landing on the answer.

  18. Interesting. This game helps me exceeding my english vocabulary. Well done!

  19. Barely got this one. 😅 Opened with SPARE & then I got sooooo stuck on this one at BR_ _ E (I played BROKE, BRUTE, BRIDE & BRIBE before BRINE. Also, I'm enjoying these "wordle in a minute" shorts! There's no way I could do most of these in under a minute lol.

  20. Steal, Crime, Drive, Prize… What are you planning Mark?

  21. I tend to use "CHEST" and "BRING" as my first two guesses, it was a strange feeling seeing 4/5 on my second word

  22. Why is "brine" less likely than any other word?

  23. My first try was BINGE, got it on second try!!

  24. This line of guessing is exactly what happened to me lol, except I kept getting it wrong on the fourth or fifth try.

  25. You said it at 0:40 "That's unlikely". Since NY Times bought it, they've been using words that have uncommon usage.

  26. Play Semantle next! I wanna know what strategy you'd craft for it

  27. I really got lucky on this one. My second guess was bring so i got it on my 3rd try

  28. I was really proud when I got this one because I didn't even know that word existed (English is not my first language). I guessed what letters could work based on common word structures and got it on my fifth try.

  29. I was able to get this one i 2 attempts only because I used simon’s tip of starting with “siren”. From there it was mostly luck that I got it right on the second guess.

  30. I got the today worlde in 5 attempts. I started with my 2 vowel words OPERA & AUDIT, which gave me the R and all the vowels used. Next I tried DORMS, which gave me the O and the places A and D can't be in. With 4 letters known I guessed wrong with B at the beginning. The 5th attempt was successful

  31. This was a tough one, I don’t think I could’ve gotten it

  32. I got lucky and got it on my (first ever) second try.. bread->brine

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