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Wordle in a Minute – 5th April 2023

Cracking The Cryptic
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Another attempt – now the streak has reached 200 – to get Wordle done inside a minute


  1. I really appreciate that these shorts are time-delayed. I like to solve the Wordles myself, but I also like to click these right when they show in my feed. Very thoughtful!

  2. 5 for me
    Asked -> Savor -> Slant -> Scamp -> Smash

  3. at the end, it couldve been 'shaky' as well

  4. Mark’s opening word streak currently:


    Theme: 5-letter trees, alphabetically

    A D tree is trickier than I expected. I found DILLY, for “wild dilly”, and I’m quite happy about that

  5. I got this one in two! Masks -> smash (I was inspired by trying a face mask for the first time)

  6. Took me 6! By the end there wasn’t any doubt what the word was but geez

  7. CEDAR-BLASH-AMASS-SMASH. Maybe DRUID, as in the Druid Oak tree, for tomorrow?

  8. I thought getting the S and A right would make this one a bit easier. No it didn't.

  9. Two for me: shirt, smash. When I saw S first and H not second, it wasn't that hard to find a plausible second guess — which turned out to be right.

  10. He does it again! Says it has to be sh something, next thing you know he's got smash! For me, I learned a new word: swash. Never knew there was a word for waves lapping the shore!😊

  11. Slower for me with a hard mode trap: EARNT/ABUSE/CLASH/SHASH/SWASH/SMASH

  12. A little entertainment every morning. Thanks, Mark.

  13. I was nervous with this one. I started with guilt and bored and got nothing. Then I tried shank and it was obvious the word was smash.

  14. I’d go with DILLY for the wild dilly. I assume when Mark said the theme is “types” of trees, he means tree species? I see a lot of people saying DRUID for the Druid oak, but a Druid oak is not actually a specimen of its own, it’s merely a name for a large, old oak tree (usually with local historical significance). So if we want to be mean, DRUID wouldn’t count lol. Which is actually one of my favorite 5-letter words…

  15. missed opportunity not telling us to SMASH that subscribe button

  16. Birch should have helped me a lot with this one, but my 2nd guess was sloth and for whatever reason I was blind to the S repeating. Did get it in 6, but really struggled with getting there

  17. I should have got this one easily "SMASH" was one of my favorite characters on "Friday Night Lights "

  18. Great guess & perfect timing! Well done Mark!🤩🤩
    My path was "vomit" > "phyma" > "smash". Now, wth is a phyma? I have no idea… 😆

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