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Wordle in a Minute – 4th April 2023

Cracking The Cryptic
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Another try at Wordle – and a whole bunch of yellow to contend with …


  1. How do I see the breakdown of everyone’s guesses. I just downloaded the nyt games. And got it in 3 attempts. But it only shows 1 in the 3 spot and 0 in all the others?

  2. Haven’t seen anyone get it on first guess yet. Have you ever done it?


    Not sure why I kept the O and R together for so long, but it worked out.

    I have yet to do today's Wordle, as the game seems to be down. Wondering if that's on their end or mine.

  4. After 2 guesses I had a choice between RADIO and RATIO… and got it in 4 🤦

  5. The r in first place was clear before your fourth try. You put it 3rd on try 4 where it already was in the wrong spot on the first try

  6. I had a similar solve where I was mainly trying to see where the R should go.

  7. Mark’s opening word streak currently:


    Theme: 5-letter trees, alphabetically

    I think CEDAR is the most likely word for tomorrow, but there are other options. CAROB is mildly obscure in English-speaking countries (I didn’t even know what the English word for it was until right now), and CACAO is quite a terrible Wordle word.

  8. I got lucky with my starting word. Tired, wrist, intro and ratio. Didn’t take me too long.

  9. Congrats on hitting 200streak! Today i got my streak up to 100 for the first time so feels good.

  10. 4 guesses on this one
    Light -> Strip -> Train -> Ratio

  11. BIRCH-TRIED-INTRA-RATIO. I’m guessing we are moving on to CEDAR for tomorrow — hopefully with working audio!

  12. Five for me, too — Fauna, Gazer, Rally, Rapid, RATIO.

  13. Having a streak of 200 is great, but even more remarkable is that every time you spend at least the first 45 seconds planning to do it in a minute. Such a very small percentage don’t result in 60 seconds or less. Remarkable. And so entertaining! Thanks, Mark.

  14. Since BEECH was skipped, I assume tomorrow is going to be CEDAR.

  15. “I could now tell where the ‘R’ had to go.”
    You could have worked that out after ‘flair’.

  16. Congratulations on the streak hitting 200! And thanks for perservering and re-editing this video: when it wasn't already up at 8:30 Boston time, I was definitely wondering what was up.

  17. Could already tell R wasn't third from BIRCH

  18. lol we made the same mistake. I also replayed an R where I already knew it wasn't! 😅

  19. Congrats on your streak to 200 straight wins! I know a half year long streak was a goal at one time, and you accomplished it!

  20. I think a great addition to your daily games would be globle. A quick geography puzzle

  21. This was a hard one for me. It's crazy how some common words are so hard to think of because of their uncommon spelling.

  22. I think Cedar is a pretty decent word for tomorrow’s start. Congrats on the streak!

  23. Congrats on 200 in a row!!!!! 🥳
    If you had started with "vomit" you might have got it in 3, but it's not a tree. Ah well.
    If I had skipped "patio" and gone straight to "ratio" I would've had it in 2. Such is Wordle.
    Sorry for the video problems, but thank you for taking the time to overdub and upload!

  24. finally! my 1-guess result. ratio has been my starting word for ages >,<

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