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Wordle in a Minute – 3rd May 2023

Cracking The Cryptic
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Trying yet again to get Wordle done – in Hard Mode – in a minute or less …


  1. I'm guessing either stank or spank for tomorrow?The pattern is changing one letter each day

  2. Mark’s opening word streak currently:


    Theme: Word Ladder – every day, one letter changes

    Getting very close to BLACK! I think SHACK is next, and it’s smooth sailing from there

  3. I got it in 2 because I started with "trade". When you said it can't be fourth you were really close (which surprised me as there are at least 20 words with "H" in 4th), there is only one possibility with the letters you already used, "duchy"

  4. HURRY is the only other thing that jumps to mind. Good solve.

  5. Too bad the thumbnail keeps showing the outcome. Maybe consider changing the thumbnail so I would at least have a reason to watch the video?

  6. That was a nice quick solve. I made a mistake not moving the H on my 3rd guess so got it in 4. Bring>Share>Throe>Horde

  7. Almost had it in three, just had to move over most of it one spot.

  8. 3 for me too…today's will break some streaks

  9. It took me a few minutes to think of anything that fit last guess. I would've said HURRY. I thought HORDE was spelled HOARD

  10. Nice segue from green horde back to green shank, a bird.😊 This took me all six.

  11. CHORD -> HORDE

    This was another case of a lucky first guess. Got me pretty much everything I needed to find the answer in two.

  12. Once again, the answer just pops out of Mark's mouth. Congrats on getting it in 3!
    For me, PORCH led to HORDE and took 4 guesses. I'll take it.
    👋See you tomorrow!! 👋

  13. Appropriate. I just started rewatching Game of Thrones last night.

  14. How is it I completed this yesterday and have no recollection of that being the word 😂

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