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Wordle in a Minute – 3rd June 2023

Cracking The Cryptic
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Sometimes it seems like the people who bring you Wordle are actively trying to make you fail – today is one of those days!


  1. I survived JAZZY but lost my streak on this one…

  2. Is it just me or has the volume been really low lately? Even at 100% I could barely hear anything from this one.

  3. flock – tubes – drain – manga – nanna – nanny

  4. I got very lucky, but WordleBot told me that only 86% (IIRC) of hard-mode players got this even in 6. Wow!


  5. I did so damn well on this one. Started with cheek, then pound and somehow just went ahead with nanny 😂

  6. Killed my streak at 184. I sloppily reused a C that wasted the extra guess I needed. I didn't make it to 200 but at least I made it past one-half a year.

  7. My path was EMPTY > RAINY > FANNY > CANNY > NANNY

  8. Vicious indeed. I got it in 5, but I think it took me 15 minutes to solve.

  9. 5 for me as well. Still got lucky cuz by the 4th guess i couldn't think of anything so i went with MANNY. Which gave me nanny by 5

  10. Did this in 6 after getting stuck in hard mode hell.. Tried CANNY, MANNY, FANNY before NANNY!

  11. The stats show that 20% or so of people who got to the sixth guess lost. Normally its 99% getting the final guess. Only 80% getting it shows how hard this one was. Massive streak killer.

  12. I was really lucky with this: onsen –> nanny

  13. NANNY took me five, too. I agree, Mark – vicious!

  14. Thanks for doing these shorts, Mark. I love them.

  15. ROATE->DAISY->CANNY->FANNY->NANNY. Only tried double N in guess 3 as I thought of the double letter in JAZZY a few days before.

  16. SPARE -> FAINT -> CANNY -> NANNY 😁 (honestly, lucky second guess because I think those were the only possible options after that… aparently we've already had CANNY. I actually wanted to do NANNY 3rd and should have trusted my gut there!)

  17. Went down to the wire on this one. SNORT > PLAIN > MANGY > FANCY > HANDY > NANNY

  18. It was viscous! I survived but only with luvck.

  19. it took me 6 guesses, but I barely made it. I had STALE>HARPY>BANDY>FANCY>MANGY>NANNY

  20. I forget which words I used exactly but I got down to my sixth guess with the A and Y green but nothing else at all. Fortunately for me, I'm pretty sure NANNY was the only possible word left at that point and I did figure it out eventually.

  21. Got it in 6. I think it is the most vicious word. Especially there was JAZZY just two days ago.


    After JAZZY a couple days ago, I figured we wouldn't see another streak-ender so soon. I do wonder how the NYT decides which word to choose, or if they just let some randomization tool select from the list.

  23. This one got me. I got everything but the first N and I didn't just think use a third N.

  24. I got this one right on the 6th guess. I was in hard mode hell with at least a couple _ANNY options.
    I chose NANNY because I believe that NYT is the devil.

  25. TRIED – AGLOW – PANSY – MANKY – FANNY – CANNY – lost my streak on this one 😢

  26. Only got it on the 6th guess. GRADE -> TACKY -> PANSY -> MANLY -> FANNY -> NANNY

  27. those days have been quite hellish hahah I've survived but barely

  28. Fun fact about me: I lost both JAZZY and NANNY 🙃

  29. This one ends my strake! Triple N, that’s vicious!

  30. kind of similar
    Stack -> Alien -> Nappy -> Nanny

  31. Nanny and jazzy this week made it very difficult.

  32. Vicious is the right word for this Wordle! Well done, Mark! 🥳

  33. Scary one for me…

    Glare – Panty – Fancy – Sandy – Hanky – Nanny

  34. This one got me unfortunately. 59 day streak broken

  35. Got this in 6: SHIRT, ALONE, PANDA, CANNY, FANNY, NANNY — the streak survives!

  36. oh boy this was a really lucky first one.
    my streak of Phpht starts gave me
    phpht > least > acorn > manga > bandy > nanny.

  37. Somewhere somebody probably guessed "ninny" as their first word.

    But it wasn't me. This really WAS a vicious word to guess.

  38. I'm dying to see how you deal with June 5th on hard mode. Got it on the fifth guess, but had to burn an word I knew was wrong for letters.

  39. Don't be natty, Don't be natty , Don't be natty

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