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Wordle in a Minute – 3rd April 2023

Cracking The Cryptic
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Starting a new set of opening words – and trying to get Wordle done in a Minute – or less …


  1. April 4 (potential 200th) has not appeared according to the usual schedule. Concerning…

  2. Mark’s opening word streak currently:


    Theme: 5-letter trees, alphabetically

    BIRCH is the obvious guess for tomorrow, though BEECH is another, less wordle-helping word

  3. 2/6 for me too. My usual starting word FLAIR really carried me there
    there probably were some other options other than FLORA, but none I could think of immediately at least.

  4. I was figuring out where to put the vowels and picking up most of the other letters in the process. Not too difficult.

  5. I got it in two yesterday too : atone, flora. Took me longer than Mark. Took way too long to do today's word.

  6. Imagine if Mark was going to go with brands of butter but changed his mind

  7. Got it in two too. Slate->Flora can’t believe you did too!

  8. 9 options: clart clary flary blart claro slart

    glary flora ultra

  9. ULTRA would have also fit as a second guess. BLART as well, not sure if it would have been accepted though.

  10. I had a much tougher time. My 3rd try did repeat a wrong spot A, though, annoyingly.

  11. Flora was my starter … yesterday!! Sounds like Mark may be on the botany path I took.😊

  12. Great timing and theme to start out with! I know there's nothing you can do for the thumbnail image for the shorts, but it sure would be great to not have any spoilers.


    As others have said, BEECH or BIRCH would both fit the theme for tomorrow.

  14. Beech/Birch tomorrow, followed by probably Cedar. Unfortunately I can’t think of any other five letter trees until we get to Holly/Hazel.

  15. There were nine total possible words after alder, with ultra being the only other likely wordle answer.

  16. I would guess birch tomorrow?
    For yesterday’s I got it in three, continuing my streak of 3s lately

  17. TRAPE, RAZOR, AORTA, FLORA. I didn't know the definition of "trape" until today I thought it meant running around. I hope I didn't offend anyone. I know "aorta" had an incorrect T but it gave me the location of A & R from there Flora was easy.

  18. Well, that was an amazing coincidence! Well done, Mark! 👏👏👏
    I love it when you have time to chat afterward. 😁

  19. Not sure why but I always love watching this…

  20. Mark, Thank you for following my proposal to start with plans aphabetically!:)

  21. Check out my comment on your video when it was BREAD. I mentioned FLORA is my starting word as it’s my daughters name 😊

  22. I actually live in a city where streets are named after trees in order (ash/apple, beech/birch, etc).

  23. somehow I missed this day, was sure I had done it, but no.

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