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Wordle in a Minute – 31st May 2023

Cracking The Cryptic
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Another attempt at Wordle in a minute or less – in Hard Mode, using a film title to begin.


  1. This was a Phew moment for me, I got it in 6.😅

  2. Mark’s opening word streak currently:


    Theme: 5-letter movie titles, alphabetically

    Well I wrote a whole thing about the movies having to be Oscar-winning, and then unpaused the video… should teach me about watching the whole thing first

  3. Who else thought he was going for "agape," as in benevolent, devotional love?

  4. well there is HAVEN but am struggling to think of one after that before LOSER

  5. Got this one in 5 guesses
    Drops -> Flung -> Legal -> Eagle -> Agile

  6. Kind of a similar solve for me where I just kept building upon the letters I already knew until I found the word.

  7. EAGLE-AGILE. Incredibly lucky 1st guess (admittedly, the movie was actually “The Eagle”, but it was the best “E” movie that I found). HEIST or HITCH are likely next guesses, depending on which Mark has heard of.

  8. I call a repeated yellow a brainfart and I am a perpetrator …but there is occasional madness in method!

  9. Hard mode hell 6 on this one. Stove>Prime>Whine>Juice>Alike>Agile

  10. For once I had a decent starting word so got it in 2. BAILE->AGILE

  11. Wow! I also used GHOST as my starting word and got it in five on this one! I don't remember what my intermediate words were but crazy coincidence there!

  12. hard mode lets you play yellow letters in the same spot?

  13. Since Mark's just been in Paris, this must call to mind the Lapin Agile nightclub up in Montmartre, n'est-ce pas?

  14. got this one in 2 somehow
    starting with FLAIR (as always until it is the correct word) and after that straight to AGILE, after like 2-3 minutes of trying to think of words that fit

  15. I started with Spell for the Scripps Spelling Bee, and discovered that Argle is a word.😮 Got it in five.

  16. Your brain, your brain. Not agile. Such nonsense! Thanks, Mark.

  17. This one killed my 219 day streak! 🙁


    I had to get a new computer yesterday, and apparently that reset my streak, though my other stats have been maintained. Shame.

  19. I actually failed the Wordle today, I wonder if he will get it

  20. My brain wasn't very agile either. I didn't think ah@le would be the answer, but it tested a few new letters…

  21. I also got it in 5 and also had a couple of heart attack moments.
    Well done, agile Sir Mark!! 😀
    Maybe tomorrow will be "Heidi" (from the childrens' book?)

  22. Meanwhile, for Thursday's puzzle I nailed two green letters from the start then needed all six guesses to get an all-green solve. How weird is that?

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