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Wordle in a Minute – 30th March 2023

Cracking The Cryptic
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Trying to get Wordle done in a minute again – starting with a THUMB …


  1. It looks like there were 51 possibilities, so exactly the 50 alternatives mark guessed. It's mad that Mark is able to get this in 3.

  2. Got this in 6
    Plate -> Amber -> Zebra -> Raven -> Break -> Bread

  3. 2 lucky days in a row for me:

  4. this was a 6/6 for me, it's weird how sometimes very common words take ages to guess, but unlucky letters will do that

  5. Mark stretching out the outro to fit into the whole minute was adorable

  6. Bread was one of my go-to starting words before I dedicated to Auger.
    And then it almost kills my streak.
    Auger – Pearl – Earth – Cream – Dread – Bread

  7. WEIRD-BREED-BREAD. Sometimes it is annoying that you have a second word just to get new letters. And you don't believe it is close to the real word, but it seems it is and you think i just needed to think a bit harder than i had in two. But that is not realistic.

  8. It's always nice when you try to get in some common letters and you end up guessing the word instead.

  9. TRIAL>CREAM>DREAD>BREAD My buddy and I then got into how beer brewers are also bread makers then it got to how Norman Borlaug might be one of the greatest humans ever… Wordle changes you.😊

  10. Mark’s opening word streak currently:


    Theme: 5-letter body parts, alphabetically

    I think the most obvious word for tomorrow is UVULA, but there is also ULNAS (the forearm bones that aren’t radii) and ULNAR (for the ulnar nerves that run near them). UTERI is the plural of “uterus”, but most people have at most one uterus

  11. According to Wordle Helper, after the 2nd guess, there were 10 possibilities left: basic, briar, badge, borax, barge, bread, baggy, bawdy, basis, broad,

  12. Mark, the sound was perfect today! First time in about a week. Please try to keep these settings.

  13. Mine was:
    I was surprised, to say the least!

  14. SPARE -> MAKER -> RENAL -> BREAD (😅 for some reason, this one took me forever! I just wasn't thinking of the REA possibilities!)

  15. BREAD is one of my most frequent starting words. It figures that I wouldn't use it on the one day that it is the answer.

  16. I should’ve got it in 3 as well but I’m dumb. Audit, Dance, beady, bread.


    Glad that TREAD was already ruled out, but DREAD could have used up a turn if I'd wound up in the ?** trap.

  18. I think ulcer would be good for tomorrow


    So close to getting it in two!

  20. I got it on the first guess, once in a lifetime opportunity.

  21. Today was my second straight two. Yesterday, my first choice made the second obvious… BLAST -> BESET. Today was total luck… PINCH -> BREAD.

  22. I guessed "tread" as my second word, so it was pretty easy to get it from there. 😂

  23. I got lucky in 3 with very little to go on. Splay>Human>bread

  24. Now this one made me see red. I always start with Siren. And if after that i have RE in yellow, i ALWAYS guess Bread as my second word. But ofc the one day i think, ah B is a very unlikely letter, let's use something more common, let's switch it up and guess TREAD. Ofc this was the day the word was bread.
    So what should've been an easy 2, ended up being an easy, yet disappointing 3.

  25. BIRTH

    My daughter (just born on Wednesday) gave me good luck! Love your content, I'm always excited to see your solving skills each day! Keep it up and see you tomorrow!

  26. After nearly 500 games, got lucky yesterday and guessed BREAD on first go 🙂

  27. BESET followed by BREAD. What are the odds of two "B" wordles in a row…
    Nicely done, Mark! I'm happy for you! Not so much for me, because it took me 5 guesses, but watching you solve is amazing. 👏👏👏👏

  28. BREAD is the word my family has started with everyday for a year. We were finally rewarded! Now to pick a new starting word.

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