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Wordle in a Minute – 30th April 2022

Cracking The Cryptic
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Mark tries to get Wordle done in a minute – hmm, not so good this time. There is also an (edited) Shorts version


  1. Did the streak get reset at some point? Noticed it says max streak 50. It’s quite possible I’ve forgotten what happened 50 days ago 😂😅

  2. Didn’t know when could use lava as it’s only four letters. Must have been why it was so tough

  3. I seem to be the only person who found this one easy yesterday.
    But maybe having a degree in Geophysics helped (with the homonym!)

  4. I also got it in 5 guesses.
    Crack -> Rails -> Later -> Large -> Larva

  5. This one was a real nightmare for me. Only time i had to stop, walk away to think about it, then complete the puzzle later

  6. This one was hard for me too
    Sadly didn't get it correct unfortunately

  7. SHARE – PRANK – CAROL – LARVA, were my guesses. It was different 🤣🤣

  8. Got it in 4
    OTHER -> (R in wrong place)
    NAILS -> (A correct, L in wrong place)
    MUCKY -> (nothing)

  9. did this one in 3. i can t remember exactly my first 2 words.

  10. I always do WEIRD, MATCH, JOLLY, PUNTS, as my first 4 guesses and that usually gives me 3 yellows at least.

  11. Wordle in two minutes and seventeen seconds

  12. I don't know how but I got this in two: WORLD – LARVA

  13. Somehow got it in 3!
    Later -> Lairs -> Larva

  14. I got it in 5 as well I forget the words I used. Today’s was also tough but maybe I just picked the wrong words lol

  15. I didn't time myself, but it took me longer: adieu -> spank -> carob -> haram -> larva.

  16. Good for you. This one broke my streak at 24. I also guessed labra as my sixth guess.

  17. I got it on my 4th it wasn’t even that hard

  18. For once I managed to get this in 3

    Started with Liver, which gave me 3 letters, then nasty, which me the ‘a’ then spent a few minutes arranging to get Larva

  19. I managed to get this in two! My first guess was “Steal” which got me the A and L in the wrong spots. Like your guess of “Lanky” I decided to see if the A and L went at the front, and by total coincidence the first word that came to mind was “Larva”.

  20. I got lucky on this one: SPARE – VALOR – LARVA (that said, I did absolutely abysmally on the one today & it took me 5 guesses and about an hour of staring blankly at my phone screen 😅)

  21. shoal is my go to second word if urine doesnt get me anything

  22. The Wordles Not in a Minute are my favourite

  23. I’m telling y’all, start using ADIEU as a starting word then move into words with O🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

  24. i too, struggled with this one. except my "struggle" is A LOT longer than 2 min

  25. I’m SO ANGRY about this one because after over 80 games it broke my perfect score. I had the AR and could not resolve what letters worked. Kept eliminating letters but to no avail. 4 am was not the time to do it.

  26. Sometimes starting with VOMIT really pays off 😁

  27. lucked out with light and lapel as my 2nd and 3rd guesses. No way I don't get it without those.
    comas -> light -> lapel -> Layer -> Larva

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