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Wordle in a Minute – 2nd July 2023

Cracking The Cryptic
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  1. I don't really understand why I enjoy these as much as I do, but there it is. Thanks for doing these every day!

  2. My current theory is that the New York Times people are deliberately choosing words to trip up algorithm bots and humans that know too many words, by doing stuff like repeated letters, unusual combinations or word choice. Double "S"? If you don't try it to maximise your letter choice, then you will fail. It's a way to make random people guessing to feel empowered, but it can also frustrate people. It's almost as if Wordle has become too popular and algorithmed for it's own good. 🙁

  3. Oops! Uploaded as a regular video instead of a short 😅

  4. Mark’s opening word streak currently:


    Theme: The 5-letter words from “The Man in the Arena”, a passage by Theodore Roosevelt

    Tomorrow’s word should be WHOSE, for “whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood” (SWEAT and BLOOD should probably follow)

  5. I don’t understand going with a double vowel word as a first guess.

  6. Got it in four. BOSSY was still an option, but I guessed MOSSY first.

  7. ARENA-CLOUD-MOIST-MOSSY. Next up should be WHOSE.

  8. 5 guesses for me
    Lucky -> Sandy -> Testy -> Bossy -> Mossy

  9. SMOUT–> HOMES –> MOSSY Had to think a while to get MOSSY glad it worked.

  10. "Mossy. That's green and lovely," made me laugh a lot harder than it should have.

  11. I started with DOUSE and then went WORST and then BOSSY. I'm not sure how many possibilities there were left but I went with LOSSY and finally MOSSY

  12. I got it in 4. It took a while to find a word that would work that wasn't a plural so there cant have been too many options. Tunic>Spare>Bossy>Mossy

  13. ENTRY – PALSY – MOSSY (SISSY/ MISSY was a horrible possibility) – I just tried to work out which letter would be repeated. Hopefully tomorrow we'll get back to under a minute. It is rare that Mark goes over.

  14. Lost my 150-ish streak on this one, with a 50/50 call of BOSSY at the end. I somehow got three consecutive twos last week, so this was obviously karma catching up with me.


    "Mosey" felt ridiculous as I was typing it, but it got me most of the way there.

  16. Had a similar board, but did manage to get the M on the third try.
    Could, Robot, Money, Mommy, MOSSY.

  17. Getting the first and last letters as quick as I did made this a lot easier than it could've been.

  18. I think it still took me 5 to get there even though I had the O in the right place from COULD at the start. Wordlebot informed me that my 4th guess of WOOSH was wasted though.

  19. This one came surprisingly easily: SNORT > MOUSE > MOSSY.

  20. Phpht > Cared > Minus > mossy

    pretty straight forward.
    didnt needed to think about this.

  21. SPARE -> FLUSH -> NOISY -> BOSSY -> MOSSY … that was a tough one! 😅

  22. Took me all 6 turns, but eventually got there…

  23. I got it really easily because of my regular 2 guesses that is SAINT->MOLEY, I had 3 correct words in right place and an S in either 3rd or 4th place I had to guess MOSSY, even for today I didn’t take too much time nor effort

  24. I'm sure plenty of minecraft players cobbled together the answer

  25. I was able to get this one green letter at a time with no yellows.

  26. I would love to see you try the “Letters Boxed” game from the NYT, or the spelling bee. Both would be very interesting to see you try!

  27. Music was suggestive imo, glad you made it!
    Crane -> Flush -> Kiosk -> Popsy -> Mossy

  28. I got stuck in MO_ _ Y hmh. MORAY, MONEY, MOODY…
    All green, but not lovely. 😝😝
    Congrats to you, Mark! Still had one guess left. Not up to your standards, but it still counts! 👏👏👏

  29. HOW does he do that? Nothing, nothing, nothing — "what about MOSSY?" — done! And this is a fairly typical pattern for Mark's solves. It's like watching a virtuoso musician or a top-level athlete. 😺

  30. As a not native speaker, I use wordle to further exercise my vocabulary… In other words if I ever come across "divot" as the answer I'm quite possibly quiting this game😅😂

  31. ever since his streak broke it feels like he's constantly getting 5 and 6 guesses, keeps me on the edge of my streak. The king will retake his throne one day

  32. I lost my streak on this one after mommy and moppy 😭

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